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The Beyonce Biter: A Timeline of the Mystery

Hollywood's latest thriller remains unresolved.

The Beyonce biter is still at large. Fans are determined to unveil the nameless actress who allegedly bit Mrs. Carter's face, and although it's only been a few days since Witness Tiffany Haddish spilled the beans, a storm of allegations, investigations, and denials has developed ,

Billboard knows there's so much to do in such a short time, so we've created a short, comprehensive timeline of how this mystery has developed.

December 2017: Haddish meets Beyonce at a party where the infamous biter hits the singer in the face. Haddish threatens to kick anyone who dares to put a tooth on Queen B, but Beyonce himself tells Haddish he should let it go and just "have fun." Haddish said GQ : "She was like," Tiffany, no. Do not do that. This slut is on drugs. She is not even drunk. The bitch is on drugs. She does not like that all the time "Relax."

26th March 201

8: After keeping the matter a secret for a few months, Haddish reveals the story in an interview with GQ How the Drama and Investigations Begin Chrissy Teigen claims she knows the truth – but she keeps her lips sealed.

Sara Foster and Sanaa Lathan, two of the earliest suspects, have both made rumors about their respective social media.

March 27, 2018: Lena Dunha m , another suspect after random Twitter reports, apparently knows what we all think when she denies the allegations.

Sarah Michelle Gellar professes to bite and post a photo of herself with sporting fangs à la her title character Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Unfortunately, the residents of Sunnydale and beyond know that it was just fun.

We would welcome Buffy's help in the hunt for this power of evil right now.

29th March 2018: While Haddish is working on her hair on an Instagram live, she implies she signed a secrecy agreement regarding the infamous biting case. "NDAs are real," she says, but then it goes on, it's another celebrity that is currently getting a lot of media buzz: "I'll tell you, it can all be done … it was Stormy Daniels."

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