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The big leak of the iPhone 12 Pro 5G reveals a new camera design and a new LiDAR scanner

TO UPDATE: This story has been updated with our latest iPhone 12 Pro concept based on the leaked information. The new images are continued below:


Apple typically maintains the same iPhone camera design for two years before making changes. However, this strategy will be thrown out of the window in 2020. After the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro triple camera system last year, a new leak shows that Apple is already working on adding a fourth sensor.

The iPhone 12 Pro has a quad camera system

The leaked sketch shown below is reportedly showing the updated camera system being worked on for the iPhone 1

2 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. It was originally found by Concepts iPhone in a leaked build of iOS 14 about a week ago before being brought to light by @Choco_bit today.

The latter claims to be a former Apple authorized service provider and has a decent track record of losing Apple information. YouTubers add weight to the sketch Jon Prosserwho says it’s “100% real” and Filip Koroywho confirmed the information with two sources, including Max Weinbach.

An upgrade camera module with four sensors shows what the all-important picture actually represents. The main camera and tele-shooter are still in the same places as before, but appear to have increased in size, possibly as part of Apple’s plans to incorporate larger sensors.

The ultra-wide angle alternative has been retained, although it has now been moved to the upper right corner. Details about this sensor are currently still rare, but the planned improvements should enable night mode and be combined with image stabilization with sensor shift.

Apple’s decision to rearrange the cameras results from the desire to integrate a LiDAR scanner. The Tim Cook-led company first introduced the latter on its iPad Pro 2020, but the version for the iPhone 12 Pro appears to be larger, which means it could be more powerful.

This, in turn, should further improve the AR experience planned by Apple. The data captured by the scanner can also be used in portrait mode to ensure that the background blur is as precise as possible.

Don’t expect a smaller notch or USB-C

In order to make room for the new LiDAR scanner, the sketch suggests that Apple also moves the LED flash and the microphone. In particular, the LED flash is now right in the middle of the square camera module and the microphone is centered along the bottom edge.

Unfortunately, the sketch in question doesn’t show much else about what Apple has planned for the iPhone 12 Pro. However, if reports and rumors appear, changes to the camera module may be the only external differences from the iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple is believed to be working to eventually fix the notch, but the technology it wants to use will not be ready for the iPhone 12 Pro in time. That means customers can expect to find the controversial notch again.

Don’t expect a USB-C iPhone this year either. The latest information suggests that Apple will actually skip the port entirely in favor of An iPhone without a port that could be launched in the form of the iPhone 13 Pro Max next year.

Announcement timeline for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, which are expected to support 5G networks by default, should run late October or early November due to COVID-19 delays and will not be available from September.

These models are accompanied by the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 and 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Plus, which serve as a replacement for the popular iPhone 11.

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