It's clear Big Sean does not want parts of a Hot Girl / City Boy Summer. The rapper recently said he took the time to focus on his mental health, mental health, healing and anxiety. He said that the trial benefited him not only personally but also professionally, claiming he is currently making the best music of his life.

Sean's internal work had made him more contemplative about how he used to relate. He tweeted, "In this hot girl's summer I just find a woman 🤷🏾♂️." The answers quickly came in and many were not nice, blaming him for his breakup with singer Jhené Aiko. "This man out here pretended not to have Jhene and was fumbling with the bag," wrote one person. While ignoring many of the answers, Sean took the time to answer them.

At a time when many other celebrities were making headlines for their wild setbacks, Sean was polite in his refutation. "She's gorgeous!" he said of Jhené. "I did not fumble, but I can see how things can look from the outside in. It's all love, that's what you do not understand."

In May, Jhené released her single "Triggered," a song that went through the details of an emotional disconnect. Many people shared their grief with their previous relationship with Big Sean, and shortly after the single fell, the rapper received a reaction to social media. Since then, Sean and Jhené have spent time together and even shared a beach moment on Instagram, but the fans still stuck to the conviction that the Detroit-Emcee had broken the singer's heart. However, Jhené said, "Triggered" is not a diss song, but "a moment of exaggerated expression in which I feel lost and weak, and no one can be blamed or beaten for what I felt at that moment. "

In the meantime, we can only imagine how Big Sean's DMs now look like this comment from "Wife." Here you can listen to "Triggered".