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The biggest questions "Avengers: Infinity War" remained unanswered

Avengers: Infinity War is here, and millions of fans are trying to process all the things that the movie threw at them. The blockbuster kept his promise to improve the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thanos collected the Infinity Stones and his little cliffhanger left the audience speechless. In fact, most fans left the movie with more questions than answers, but that's fine.

After all, ComicBook is here to resolve some of the unanswered questions above Avengers: Infinity War left behind! 19659002] So, that's our obligatory spoiler warning. If you have not seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, do not read this paragraph further. Main spoiler for the film are among them! We repeat: MAJOR spoilers for the film are among them. They were warned.

From Xandar to Red Skull, the last Avengers entry brought with it a whole series of questions and very few answers. Time will only tell fans the answers to these questions, but the answer key must not be within Avengers 4 . With Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel on the horizon, the Marvel Studios still have plenty of room to answer their burning questions, and there are a few that fans would like to answer IMMEDIATELY!

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Marvel Studios Black Panther is still in theater, quite Avengers: Infinity War is released today. Following Ant-Man and The Wasp on July 6, 201

8, Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019, the fourth Avengers movie on May 3, 2019 , the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 5, 2019 and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in 2020.

Slide 1/10 – How did Xandar's destruction ?

The MCU knows how to remove important information from the fans on the fly, but that does not mean that the audience does not have to know the ins and outs of these bombs. When Avengers: Infinity War Thor confirmed that Xandar had been decimated by Thanos, the fans had many questions about the ordeal and received no explanation.

According to the film, Thanos haunted Xandar as The World hid the power stone and the mad Titan needed him. The villain managed to wipe out at least half of the planet's population and stole the stone, even though Xandar was strong enough to hold Ronin back. Avengers: Infinity War went beyond the problem pretty quickly, but there is a chance fans will learn more about the planet's destruction should Marvel Studios introduce Nova to the MCU soon.

Slide 2/10 – Where Are Valkyrie and Thors Sakaar Comrades?

Avengers' First Moments: Infinity War made the fans know a few important things, but it did little to reassure fans about Valkyrie or the Sakaar gang. At the end of Thor: Ragnarok the group of MCU newcomers was seen aboard the Sanctuary II, but they were nowhere seen in the carnage Thanos' Black Order had left after seeing the refugee ship had attacked. The crowded scene did not have much room to address the fate of these characters, so fans believe they've managed to survive, escape into space, or been killed with all the other Asgardians. So, here's hope Avengers 4 will shed more light on their status.

Slide 3/10 – How did the Star Lord, Gamora Romance, come about?

Obviously, a fixed part of the period between the end Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War . The intergalactic heroes come back into the game when they receive a destress call, but fans can tell the biggest pastime about how comfortable Star Lord and Gamora have become. The two went from flirting to a full-fledged relationship between smooching and declaration of love. So fans would like to know how these space renegades got their groove going.

Slide 4/10 – Where did Hawkeye, Ant-Man break up?

Avengers: Infinity War contains a bunch of heroes, but there are some that just never show up. The film explains why Ant-Man and Hawkeye are missing in action, but fans really want to know what happened to the duo in the light of Thanos' last move. After collecting all the infinity stones, Crazy Titan snapped them together to wipe out half of humanity, but what does that mean for the absent heroes?

Well, the fans will soon find part of this answer. This year Ant-Man and the Wasp are supposed to go live and the movie will begin before Thanos goes to Earth. As for Hawkeye, fans know that Jeremy Renner has a role in Avengers 4 it seems the hero made it out of the snap. But that says nothing about his family.

Slide 5/10 – Where did Thanos go?

After Thanos had figured out his big plan, the fans were ready to see the mad Titan for his victory. The Avengers' movie, however, put everyone on a loop when he caught the villain on a weird, calm planet where he saw the sun rise. His final goal is that the fans draw a blank space, but the comics could contain the answer to the big question. After all, at the end of Infinity Gauntlet 's sixth edition, readers read that Thanos has withdrawn his quest after losing control of the Infinity Stones. This planet might be the one seen in the comics, but the MCU could throw a wrench into that weird origin, if it will.

Slide 6/10 – What happens to the Red Skull now?

Avengers: Infinity War has done some really surprising things, but few can surpass its revelation of the Red Skull. The villain was last seen in Captain America: The First Avenger and many suspected the villain had died after hitting the Tersseract. However, the Red Skull was actually teleported by the Space Stone, which was forced to guard the Soulstone thanks to the cosmic order of things. Now that the Thanos has taken the Soul Stone, the fans are wondering how the Red Skull will fit into the MCU again and whether he faces Captain America again.

Slide 7/10 – Where is Captain Marvel?

Oh, Captain Marvel … Fans have been waiting for the hero's arrival at the MCU, and Carol Danvers will make those dreams come true soon. The Avengers Post-Credits: Infinity War ended with a disintegrating Nick Fury pointing Captain Marvel to a featured pager, but it's unbelievable where the heroine is these days. If Nick has summoned her, the spy is sure she did not turn to dust, so Captain Marvel could not be on Earth. So fans will surely learn more about their whereabouts when Marvel Studios will release their solo Captain Marvel film next year.

Slide 8/10 – What was this strange orange world that Thanos went into?

If you have questions about Thano's startling journeys into this weird orange world, you are not alone. The short scene did not give the fans an explanation for what was going on, but comic readers are sure that they still know the answer. As fans saw, Thanos woke up in a quiet world after cracking the Infinity Gauntlet and finding a younger version of Gamora there. The orange glow and the otherworldly aura of the restaurant make it a wrestler for Soulworld, a pocket dimension within the soulstone. So fans should not be surprised if this little world in Avengers 4.

Slide 9/10 – What about Doctor Strange's Sacrifice?

When Doctor Strange gave the time to Thanos to rescue Iron Man, even Tony was brought back. The wizard made it clear that he would not do that before the start of the battle, but he did in the end. Doctor Strange even did things – uh – stranger by telling Tony that they would go to the final before he turned to ashes, but fans think they already know what the hero pointed out there.

Remember when Doctor Strange was using the Timeline in millions of futures looking for a way to beat Thanos? He found one where the good guys were one and it might have needed one of two things. First of all, that a single universe needed Tony Stark to live, Doctor Strange made the sacrifice at short notice to win the long game. The winning universe could also have taken Thanos to lead the Timeline, and Doctor Strange took advantage of this situation to rescue a friend while giving those who survived Thanos' raid a chance to win.

Slide 10/10 – What Happens The Infinity Gauntlet?

The last question fans ask is Avengers: Infinity War has to do with Thanos' great weapon. After scouring the universe, Crazy Titan managed to collect all the infinity stones, but the powerful tool he had created to handle the relics might no longer exist. After pulling out his finished glove, the fans watched the weapon wilt and burn. Thanos was still able to escape with it, but fans are curious if the Infinity Gauntlet has the power it once had. And if not, how are the Avengers to use their Infinity Stones to undo the deaths caused by Crazy Titan?

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