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The Bolton replacement poses great challenges – including Trump

Like his Predecessor President Trump Donald John TrumpJulián Castro: It's time for House Democrats to do something against Trump Warren Teachers and car workers are striking in the Midwest. MORE's new National Security Advisor is known to advocate a robust US presence overseas, but the allies of Robert O'Brien predict he will tackle the role less confrontationally.

O'Brien, who served as the premier hostage negotiator for the US Department of State until Wednesday, has moved to a more prominent position that poses many challenges, including adapting to Trump's unconventional leadership style and search for a way to influence the president in a way that does not alienate him.

Some who know O'Brien say he and John Bolton John BoltonDiplomacy is still the best option for dealing with Iran in North Korea ises Trump for calling for "new method" Talking Trump's Work Permit Rises in the Record Gap Between the Parties: Gallup MORE the president's last national security adviser, shares many of the same Hawaiian views on foreign policy. However, O & # 39; Brien is expected to take a cautious stance toward Bolton, who was abruptly ousted on September 10 after disagreements with Trump, who often appear in the public eye.

"You will not see him on Fox News every weekend or every day. He will be the kind of person who advises Trump behind the scenes and gives him options for national security challenges, "said Harry Kazianis, a senior director of the National Interest Center, who knew and worked with O & # 39; 39; Brien together.

"He will not respond, and if the President makes a decision he does not like, he will not try to sabotage them. He will be the loyal soldier who does everything the President demands of him, "Kazianis said.

O'Brien's more warlike foreign policy positions could in some ways bring him into conflict with Trump, who has launched an "America First". This would support the withdrawal of US troops from conflicts abroad.

For example, Kazianis speculated that O & # 39; Brien, who will be Trump's fourth national security adviser, is likely to engage in a kind of kinetic attack on Iran's attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Trump is apparently averse to military action in response to the drone strikes. On Friday he imposed new economic sanctions on Iran and argued for the use of "restraint" on the grounds that it would show more power than firing bombs.

Those familiar with O'Brien expect him to work to facilitate the confrontation with the president in areas where they disagree – something that could be crucial to his success in the role ,

"It sounds as if John Bolton and the president are not on one side, this difference of opinion all became clear," said Richard Fontaine, CEO of the Center for New American Security. "I would bet that Robert will develop a more skillful approach to dealing with the President in areas where other options should be considered. Much of it has to do with personality. "

" The president seems to hear a lot when he comes to the conclusion that someone is not part of his philosophical camp, "continued Fontaine, who held positions in the National Security Council and State Department during the year. George W. Bush administration. "If he knows that is the time, he would try to handle this less confrontational."

Trump and O & Br; Brien are likely to face some challenges, such as the confrontation with the threat of China and the diplomatic efforts for North Korea near nuclear program. O'Brien has written extensively on the Chinese Navy and its movements in the Asia-Pacific region. He has also spoken out in favor of building the US military – a central issue on the President's agenda.

O'Brien moves to the National Security Council with less government experience than most. He must coordinate across a broad national security apparatus, deal with various competing views and summon advice that Trump will trust. State Mike Pompeo Michael (Mike) Richard Pompeo Clarence Thomas, Joe Manchin, Rudy Giuliani Under invited the guests of the second state visit to the Judiciary Committee of the Senate of Trump for consultation with the administrator on the reception of refugees] whose influence in administration with the fall of Bolton has become even greater and stronger.

Pompeo seldom breaks public with Trump and plays a key role in many of his administration's priorities. He was able to maintain the president's confidence in the exodus of other high-ranking national security officials.

"There are several challenges that [O’Brien] will face from the beginning," said Charles Kupchan, a former senior director of the National Security Council during the Obama administration. "I think we first need to figure out how to influence the president and build a relationship with him."

"He followed America First as he sees fit, and there are a lot of victims A result of the effort "To rule him from Kelly to Mattis and Tillerson to Coats," Kupchan continued, referring to Trump's former chief of staff, defense and state secretary, and director of the National Intelligence Service.

O'Brien assumes the role is at a critical juncture for the Trump government's foreign policy.

The President is considering further reactions to Saudi oil rapes, pointing out a way to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and conducting further denuclearization talks with North Korea.

O'Brien was hired as a hostage by the Trump administration in May 2018 and seems to have quickly gained the respect and confidence of the President, who praised him for his achievements on Friday.

"Robert is going to be outstanding," Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. "He has done an excellent job as a hostage-taker. We have a tremendous record – nobody comes up with hostages on our balance sheet.

O'Brien, who emerged on Wednesday alongside Trump in California and was hailed by some as one of the government's "huge foreign policy achievements" The "reaganesque" foreign policy approach twice mentioned the need for "peace through strength"

O'Brien co-chaired the State Department's public-private partnership for judicial reform in Afghanistan during the Obama administration and before that with Bolton at the United Nations during the Obama administration George W. Bush Administration.

He co-founded a Los Angeles-based law firm, Larson O'Brien, and is known in conservative circles for advising a number of Republicans in foreign affairs, including now Sen. Mitt Romney Willard (Mitt) Mitt Romney The bipartisan senator group urges the FDA to pull the most e-cigarettes right away Trumps G. Dieting decisions meet rare GOP opposition Overnight Health Care – Powered by Partnership for America's Health Care Future – Pelosi Unveils Submission Plan to Cut Pharmaceutical Prices | Trump says it's great to see Plan Progressive pushing for change MORE (R-Utah).

Nile Gardiner, an expert on European and foreign policy at the Heritage Foundation, who knew O & # 39; Brien from working as a consultant on Romney's presidential campaign, said he expected nothing there to be a dramatic "ideological change" with O & # 39; Briens substitute for Bolton, but that his collegiality would help him with Trump.

"President Trump's style can often be unconventional and his role as a national security adviser is incredibly important One that I think to help shape the thinking of President Trump," said Gardiner.

"It is absolutely necessary with the President Building up such a personal chemistry, and I think O & Brbien can do that well. "

Romney pondered O & Brien's appointment on Wednesday saying he believed the new National Security Advisor would be" very effective to others. " Listening to Intelligence and Gathering Information and Preserving the President "When asked if he could handle Trump well, Romney replied with a knowing smile," I can not possibly predict how that will work. "

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