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The Boring Company built the first tunnel

Elon Musk's drilling company has reached a new milestone this week: it has dug up LA's first tunnel. Musk posted a video of the breakthrough on his Twitter account, indicating that the computer has reached the endpoint the company calls O'Leary Station.

The video shows a crowd that has gathered at the endpoint as it breaks through the machine. In October, the Twitter account of Boring Company published a picture of the station that named ArsTechnica after a recently deceased collaborator from SpaceX / Boring Company.

Work on the 2-mile test tunnel began last year and early this month Musk released a time-lapse Video from his walk down the alley that the tunnel will be open to the public on 10th December. The company has some big plans for the area: it plans to dig more tunnels, and recently it was granted permission to build a prototype tunnel that would allow the company to transport a car from the garage to the tunnel.

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