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The Boston College student's girlfriend was charged with suicide

  Alexander Urtula (left) Inyoung You. File Photo

The Urtula Family About the Suffolk Office DA / CBS Boston


Alexander Urtula (left) and Inyoung They left 1
8 months before his death

A former Boston College student was charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with her friend's suicide in May.

The indictment of Inyoung You, 21, for the death of Alexander Urtula, 22, was announced in the US state of Massachusetts on Monday.

A lawyer said that Ms. You, a South Korean citizen, mistreated Mr. Urtula.

Mr. Urtula died hours before graduation on May 20th.

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Ms. You, who is currently in South Korea, has no public opinion on the case so far are the allegations made?

At a press conference on Monday, Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins announced that Ms. You was accused by a major Suffolk County jury of involuntary manslaughter that she "found Mr. Urtula physically, verbally and mentally during her 18-month tumultuous relationship abused ".

"The abuse became more frequent, powerful and degrading in the days and hours that led to Mr. Urtula's death," said the lawyer.

She said that in the two months prior to Mr. Urtula's death, the couple exchanged more than 75,000 text messages "myself" and "die," the lawyer said.

She added that on May 20, Ms. You "tracked down Mr. Urtula's whereabouts and went into the Renaissance garage" in which he killed himself]

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