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The Brazilian bridge collapses in the state of Pará after the ferry is hit

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Media Caption Aerial Photographs Show Impact of Collapse

A ferry collided with a bridge in the Brazilian state of Pará and crashed 200 meters. Section in the river Moju.

Witnesses said two small cars fell into the water when the ship fell against one of the pillars.

However, it is unclear how many people have been injured and the diver is looking for the river. The five crew members on the ship are said to have survived.

Pará Governor Helder Barbalho signed a state of emergency after the accident.

"Our priority is to find victims and fully support their families," he told state media.

Mr. Barbalho posted on Twitter footage of the 860 meter long collapsed bridge.

The bridge in the Amazon region of the country is on its way to one of the liveliest ports in Brazil, Belém.

The authorities are working to remove debris from the river and have set up a series of barges to bring the inhabitants across the water until they can be cleared, and put warning signs on the piers of other nearby bridges.

Local media reports that an inspection of the bridge earlier this year revealed corrosion on the piers. While the government requested emergency remedies to remedy the problem, it reportedly considered the problem was not serious enough to close the route.

The Civil Police investigates whether the ship has been officially registered, says the Associated Press.

The authorities told Reuters news agency that the collapse could affect the transport of goods through northern ports.

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4, a ship collided with the pillar of another bridge nearby, causing about 50 meters to collapse into the water.

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