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The brightest supermoon of the year rises above the pandemic-stricken world

The biggest and brightest supermoon of the year loomed over quiet streets and closed cities in the night sky on Tuesday, when the coronavirus pandemic forced most of humanity to seek protection to prevent it from spreading.

The moon will be closer to Earth than usual and it will be a full moon.

Scientists call this cosmic combination a supermoon. On its fullest Tuesday evening, the moon will be 357,042 kilometers away, making it appear larger and more brilliant.

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NASA encourages everyone to look up at the sky, be it outside or through a living room window.

Scientist Noah Petro from NASA̵

7;s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland said it was important to stay safe during the moon-sight pandemic.

“If you can’t get out safely … then well,” said Petro. “Go out next month or whenever it’s safe. Use the full moon as an excuse to get out and look at the moon.”

He added, “Use this as an opportunity not to physically distance yourself but to connect emotionally with something that is physically far from us.”

There are a number of supermoons this spring. So if you miss the upcoming moon show, check out the next one on May 7th.

In mid-April, the waning moon will pass Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, which gather in the southeastern sky before dawn.

All of this happens after a brilliant Venus passed the Pleiades, the so-called star cluster of the seven sisters, a few days ago.

“We were really lucky to have good astronomy – backyard or living room astronomy,” said Petro.

The novel corona virus killed over 81,000 people worldwide and infected over 1.4 million on Tuesday evening, according to the Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

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