Jussie Smollett may be trying to get his career back on track, but it looks like the Osundairo brothers are capitalizing on the 15 minutes of disgrace. After the charges against Smollett were dropped, the Abel and Ola brothers have no legal consequences, as Chicago police investigated the attack on the actor only as a staged event. The Osundairos jump headfirst back into their fitness store, and after TMZ the workout duo is on the rise.

The publication reports that hundreds of people have beaten the brothers to train and exercise diet plans. The brothers are pushing a new "Team Abel" fitness package, but a basic plan without personal training will cost you around $ 30. Premium packages cost $ 50, including a diet program, weight training, strength training, shred training, and a four-week meal plan ,

The couple has returned to what it did before the scandal shook its world, but now. There are no charges on the horizon, people are still wondering if they are talking about their involvement or not. TMZ claims that Abel and Ola are open to an exclusive interview, but only if the pay is right.

The two were mysteriously out of sight when it became known that Smollett was facing a case. It was later reported that the brothers were held in a hotel for a witness protection program to keep them out of the public eye. It is also said that the Chicago Police Department took the bill for their stay.