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The California utility has canceled the "Text Tax" vote following the FCC ruling

The California Public Utilities Commission has withdrawn a scheduled vote on a text message tax from its January meeting.

The move took place after the Washington Federal Communications Commission described text messaging as an "information service." no telecommunications service and therefore no surcharge under California law.

"Prior to this FCC verdict," the CPUC wrote in a statement released on Twitter, "SMS was not a classified service under federal law." 19659003] CALIFORNIA TAXES ON TEXT MESSAGING, COULD LEADING TO FEDERAL REGULATOR

"Certified Commissioner Carla" Peterman has approved the draft resolution in Docket R.1

7-06-023 of the January 10, 2019, withdrawn from the CPUC, which proposed clarifying that the text messaging service should be subordinated to the state of California [statutory rate]

The CPUC's plan was to use the proposed tax on text messaging to provide the telecommunications services to subsidize the rural areas of the state and its low-income and handicapped inhabitants.

A report from The Commission explained why it considered the tax necessary. Over the past six years, there has been a concrete drop in telecoms revenue – a drop of nearly $ 5 million.


"This is untenable." Time, "the report says.

The CPUC statement did not make it clear whether the panel had an alternative plan to fund these initiatives.

Jim Patterson, a former Republican mayor of Fresno, now has the State's 23rd State Representative A State MP was one of those who welcomed the CPUC's decision to cancel the vote.

"You can bet I'll keep an eye out for future phenomena," Patterson wrote Twitter. "For now … consider the text tax suspended."

Earlier, Patterson had described the text control plan as "an outrageous attempt to fetch money from California families."

The CPUC had claimed this revenue for their subsidy programs FOX 11 from Los Angeles reported that consumers are switching from traditional landline telecommunications services to text messaging.

[1 9459008] Travis Fedschun of Fox News contributed to this report.

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