President Donald Trump signs an executive order to create a new advisory commission to improve Hispanic Americans̵

7; access to economic and educational opportunities. This is a push aimed at increasing his share of the Latino vote. (July 9)

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The CEO of Goya Foods, which calls itself the largest Hispanic food company in the country, praised President Donald Trump during a visit to the White House on Thursday.

A social backlash followed.

The hashtags #Goyaway and #BoycottGoya were soon posted on Twitter, while some Latinos also expressed their disappointment at the CEO’s praise for a president, whom they say continues to attack Latinos.

“We’re all really blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder,” said CEO Robert Unanue during a speech after a round table with Trump and other Hispanic leaders.

Unanue praises “a president who rogues and maliciously attacks Latinos for political gain,” said Julian Castro, who was Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Obama administration, on Twitter.

“Oh, look, I googled how to make your own adobo,” said US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter, and later shared an alternative recipe for the adobo spice that is part of the Goya brand – a well-known Latino Household item.

United We Dream, a youth-led organization with a migration background, said it would not support “companies that support and uphold a regime of white supremacists”. You have created a petition to boycott the company.

“We all know that Trump hasn’t stopped attacking immigrants, Latinx people, black people, and all colored people since day one. We have to show Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue that we won’t stand up for it! If Goya In our business they have to respect our humanity and fight for them! “said the group in a statement.

Trump hosted an event with Hispanic leaders, including Unanue, on Thursday. The president later signed an implementing regulation to the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative to “improve Hispanic Americans’ access to education and business opportunities.”

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