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The Chicago Police Chief had been drinking before he fell asleep in the car

After Chicago's chief constable admitted to the mayor that he had "had a few drinks" before falling asleep at the wheel of his car early Thursday morning, he asked for an internal investigation into the situation of the report.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot told the Chicago Sun-Times on Friday that Superintendent Eddie Johnson told her "have a few drinks for dinner" before the incident and that he had recently changed the medications he was taking.

She told The Newspaper that she was waiting for the results of the investigation before deciding whether action should be taken.

"While we have no evidence of inappropriateness at present, this issue can only be answered by the Internal Affairs investigation," the Chicago police said in a statement on Friday

police have told NBC Chicago that they could not comment on the reported alcohol consumption or comment on the matter due to the pending internal investigation.

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Johnson told reporters on Thursday that he was feeling drowsy as he drove home from dinner with friends and drove past at 1

2.30pm and parked.

A passing car driver noticed him Chicago police said in a statement Thursday that the officers checked Johnson's well-being on arrival at the scene and "saw no signs of impairment," NBC Chicago reported. Johnson was a few blocks from his apartment.

Johnson was diagnosed with kidney disease decades ago and had a transplant. He was hospitalized for a blood clot earlier this year, the Associated Press reported. Johnson said Thursday that he had visited his cardiologist early in the week to look for a blood clot he had this summer and that his doctor replaced his blood pressure medication.

"When he adjusted my medications, I took the old medication for hypertension off pressure, but I did not manage to put the new medication in," Johnson said. He did not mention at the time that he had consumed alcoholic beverages.

Johnson said that he was examined by appealing officials, but NBC Chicago did not conduct an on-site alcohol test.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot speaks after being sworn in during a housewarming ceremony in Chicago on May 20, 2019. Bloomberg / Bloomberg on Getty Images

Johnson ordered an internal investigation into the incident, citing the need for transparency, according to NBC Chicago. "All officials should be kept at the highest level," he said on Thursday through a spokesman.

"When I take medication, it sometimes has side effects, I know about my parents, so I'll take it at my word." "Lightfoot told the Chicago Sun Times, but she added that" the investigation will settle the details. "

Johnson was named Superintendent by then Mayor Rahm Emmanuel after the mayor appointed former Superintendent Garry McCarthy in the year According to the Associated Press, investigations into Johnson are being conducted by the Department of Public Internal Affairs of the Department of Internal Affairs, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said on Friday.

reporting to the FBI and working from the FBI office in Chicago.

"If they feel they are inadequate, they would refer the case to outside investigation agencies," Guglielmi added.

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