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The Chinese space junk is racing towards Earth WeAreCentralPA

State College – A Chinese space station will fall to earth between Saturday and Monday.

At 9 tons, it is the largest piece of space debris that flows back into our atmosphere can be channeled to North America. Some people are worried about it, so we looked at the chances it might hit someone.

There are a large number of satellites and space debris orbiting the Earth.
Right now, a space station launched from China is going down the size of a school bus.
Christopher Palma, Associate Professor of Astronomy Astrophysics at Penn State says: "This special Chinese space station has lost the ability to fire engines, and because of the resistance of the atmosphere it will reenter earth atmosphere and burn."
It will go thousands of miles an hour and some parts of it can make it to the surface.
At the moment, scientists predict it could break through North America or to pieces Australia
And the chances of meeting someone? According to Christopher Palma, "Earth is so big, covered with oceans, the probability of someone seeing an object from space or getting hit by an object is nearly zero."
This is much less likely than being struck by lightning.
The chance of being struck by lightning is 1 in 3000.
Chances to win the last lottery, 1 in 302 and a half million.
Chances hit by this Chinese space station, 1 in 300 trillion.

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