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The City of California approves a 25 cents fee for disposable cups

Discarded cups in a dumpster, seen on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, in Berkeley, California, USA. Berkeley has approved a 25-cent tax on disposable cups, which are designated by city officials as part of efforts to clean up restaurant waste. The city council voted unanimously on Wednesday to approve the ordinance, which also forces restaurants to provide compostable shipping containers by January 2020. (AP Photo / Ben Margot)

Patrons of restaurants and cafes in Berkeley, California, who do not bring a reusable cup for their drink, have to pay a 25-cent fee for a disposable cup Part of a regulation approved by city authorities to reduce restaurant waste.

Berkeley's City The council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve the one-way cup fee, which will enter into force in January 2020.

"The goal is to change Berkeley from throwing away to reusable food to get people to bring their own cup," said Councilor Sophie Hahn, who drafted the decree along with mayor Jesse Arreguin.

The regulation, called disposable-free dining, also requires restaurants to provide takeaway containers that are compostable by mid-2020 and only reusable are plates and utensils for those who eat here. Other disposable items, such as lids and stirrers, can only be offered on request.

Restaurants would withhold all income, and it was up to them what they should do with food Extra money. For example, the funds could be used to replace plastic cutlery for more environmentally friendly silverware, she added.

The fee for the one-time use of the mug is the latest effort in the socially forward-looking city to reduce waste. The ban on plastic bags was supported in the city with 120,000 inhabitants, long before California became the first state to impose a ban in 2014. The city has also imposed a ban on plastic straws 1980s. But that alone is no longer enough, said Hahn.

The hope is to reduce the consumption of disposable containers through behavioral changes, and one day people will have to bring their own reusable takeaway containers to restaurants just as they bring their reusable plastic bags to the grocery store, she said. "We were the first city in the US to do roadside recycling, and people thought we were crazy," she said. "But we've pioneered this norm throughout the world."

Berkeley voters were also the first to approve the license to reduce soda consumption, after consuming soda industry campaigns over the past several years when 30 other cities and states had defeated similar taxes. 19659004] Many restaurants in Berkeley are already using compostable to-go foods and reusable plates and utensils to dine, and the regulation has stood up to no resistance.

Entrepreneurs along Telegraph Avenue, a coffee-fringed street, and University of California Berkeley students are supporting the measure, but are still concerned about the potential financial impact, said Stuart Baker, managing director of Telegraph Business Improvement District.

Change comes with restaurant customization Baker said, "Everyone is excited to do something about the environment – and then food prices rise, but the student does not make the connection and stops eating and eating Business is back, that's a concern, "he added.

Baker said he hopes the city will inform the public about what the 25-cent environmental fee would mean. "In order to do this, people need to understand that this will have an impact on their paperback. ", he said.

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