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The Civil Liberties Institute in Alabama revokes the award for Angela Davis

The board of directors of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute had selected Davis for the Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award at its annual gala next month.

However, the institute decided to withdraw the award and cancel the annual gala event at which Davis, a native Birmingham would have been honored.
The decision was made after "followers and other affected individuals and organizations, both inside and outside our local community, began requesting claims to rethink our decision," the board's statement said.

"Looking more closely at Ms. Davis' statements and public records, we came to the conclusion that, unfortunately, she does not meet all the criteria on which the award is based," the statement said.

The Board said it recognizes Davis's "stature as a scholar and prominent figure in the history of civil rights," but believes his decision "matches the details of the honoree's award, Rev. Shuttlesworth."

The board apologized to "our supporters, the community and Mrs. Davis for the confusion we have caused."

Mayor cites protests from local Jewish officials, allies

It is unclear why the group has made the decision.

CNN has contacted officials of the Institute to clarify the concerns and why they took the step. Davis could not be reached for a comment.

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin stated in a statement that his "overwhelming feeling was a scare" after the board decided to revoke the "honor" after protests from our local Jewish community and some of its allies , "CNN has also turned to the Birmingham Jewish Federation for a response."
Davis was a member of the Communist Party and the Black Panther Party, sharply criticizing Israeli policy toward Palestinians and supporting the boycott, divestiture and sanctioning movement.
A Jewish affiliate, Southern Jewish Life, published a story about the upcoming award in December and said, "For some in the community, this year's dinner might cause indigestion. "

" Something that was not included in the public relations work of the institute is that Davis was also a vocal voice in the boycott Israel movement and is heavily engaged in university campuses for the isolation of the Jewish state, which states Israel engage in ethnic cleansing and engage in police violence against African Americans in the United States, "the story said.

" This controversy could have been completely avoided "

Mayor Woodfin says he has the Relocation of the institute regrets because he has "created no opportunity for a necessary consensus dialogue."

"I am dismayed because of this controversy. If it had been handled differently, the right would have been completely avoided. I am appalled that people of good will, as in all of Birmingham's history, have behaved reflexively rather than engage in meaningful discourse on their differences and seek commonalities, "Woodfin said in a statement.

was a person who tries to see and understand all reasonable views on a particular topic, and as mayor, I believe that quality is an integral part of my work, a means to promote the exchange and build the consensus necessary is to arrive at fair and workable solutions to any problem or opportunity that confront us as a city. "

CNN has not yet heard of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute or the Birmingham Jewish Federation.

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