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The closure of the government is expected to hit hard after Christmas.

  The closure of the government reaches its fifth day on Wednesday.

The government closes on Wednesday, its fifth day.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images Will not be reopened until the border wall is funded

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  • The fifth day of the government's resignation began on Wednesday, when the budget negotiations between the legislature and President Trump should be resumed after the Christmas break. However, White House officials expect the closure to last into the new year as Trump refuses to sign a spending bill that does not include billions in funding for a border wall. The Democrats continue to argue that a physical barrier is wasteful and ineffective. "I can not tell you when the government is open. I can tell you that it will not be open until we have a wall or a fence, whatever you want to call it, "Trump said Tuesday. House democrats, who will soon be in the majority, allegedly plan the introduction of a law to reopen the government on Jan. 3 .

    Around 800,000 government employees are now dismissed or are to work without pay. Federal authorities have tried to continue as usual, although the financial and personnel disputes were more severe than others. The Department of Agriculture expects 61 percent of its workforce to work in the first week after shutdown. The Food and Nutrition Services Department, which oversees food aid, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, will cut staff by 95 percent at the end of the day. Households eligible for SNAP will continue to receive benefits in January, but other programs such as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) may not be able to provide support when resources are scarce.

    Democrats in the Senate Appropriations Committee estimate that around 96 percent of NASA employees, 86 percent of US Department of Commerce employees, and 95 percent of housing and urban development workers will not return to work this week, unless The closing ends. The Small Business Administration announced that it will remain "inactive" for the time being, which means that millions of companies can not secure loans.

    The Department of Health and Human Services continues to pursue high-risk outbreaks and recalls, leaving around 75 percent of the workforce. Most federal law enforcement officers will continue to work without pay, but are expected to be compensated after closure.

    Many departments have indicated that more employees may be dismissed and the services terminated as decommissioning progresses and the reserve funds are depleted.

    Government employees have reported financial difficulties as a result of vacation days. A work organization representing US Treasury officials said on Monday that members must change their vacation plans and reduce their spending. Hundreds of people have gone to Twitter to talk about the personal consequences of shutdown under the hashtag #ShutdownStories.

    Trump claims, without giving precise indications, that many federal workers have encouraged him to assert himself. "These federal workers want the wall," he said.

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