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The comparison of arrested NFL players with the "New Yorker" Police Union brings with it "condemnation"

By Doha Madani

A police department in New York City has been criticizing some members of the Racial Justice for having investigated the behavior of a black NFL player during a detention wild animal.

Detroit Lions' 25-year-old Trevor Bates was arrested on Saturday after allegedly refusing to pay a $ 32 taxi fare, and during his arrest, he slapped a NYPD sergeant in the face, according to the district attorney's office Queens.

The prosecution said Sgt. James O'Brien was beaten when he tried to calm Bates down after he refused to fingerprint the officer because of a concussion and a cut over his left

The police condemned Bates to beat him, according to the prosecutors.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association, a police union, posted a statement on Twitter on Saturday. He said, "Trevor Bates was acting beyond that of a wild animal . "

" He refused to leave fingerprints, showed contempt for the officers, and decided to send a sgt to the Gesi to beat. Fighting with officers he tasered & battered tugged the tars off his body. He's dog shit and the NFL tolerates criminals, "the tweet said.

NBC News turned to the union on Monday but did not receive an immediate response.

A tweet from the Sergeants Benevolent Association to NFL player Trevor Bates Sergeants Benevolent Association on Twitter

Scott Roberts, Senior Campaign Director at the racial justice organization Color Of Change, said in a statement to NBC News on Monday that the police union is "flaunting its prejudices." , "

" This outrageous statement is far from a dog whistle, it's an openly racist smear, "said Roberts." This is another example of the prejudiced, offensive behavior of NYPD SBA-related officers. "

Color Of Change said it called for a formal apology from the Sergeants Benevolent Association.

and "unprofessional," while others said they wanted to hear Bates' side of the story.

"People judge quickly and say racist things that are not referred to as 4. You are not better than him. He made a mistake that we all made, so mistakes stop when the name calls and grows up, " a user wrote .

A Bates representative told NBC News Monday that the 25 years old linebacker was taken to hospital. "Where he stays while he is being tested and undergoing a mental health check."

His family has expressed "grave concern that his behavior this weekend is not at all with the man and friend we know, "said Bates" agent. "

" We take this session very seriously and expressed concern over Sergeant O'Brien and the members of the New York City Police Department, "it says "Currently, our priority is to ensure that Trevor receives the help it needs and that the privacy of the parties involved is respected until further information is obtained become available. "

The Detroit Lions issued a statement saying they were" over the "arrest. "

" We have not talked to Trevor yet and we're still collecting more information, "the team said. The Detroit Lions will not comment at this time.

Bates It is expected that he will be charged with a second degree attack, obstruction of government administration, theft of services and resistance to arrest, the district attorney said Seven years in prison, a hearing is not planned yet.

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