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The Complete NFL Playoff Image – ProFootballTalk

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After the season has come to a close and many are wondering at all times what exactly is and what is not, about a playoff berth and / or a maximum playoff position for one or more contenders We have compiled a list of each team with long postseason hopes, including an explanation or where they are, where to go, and how to get there.

Ideally, the list will be updated after every game that affects them. (Ideally.)

So here with the AFC contenders, followed by the NFC supporters.

Chiefs (11-3) : They have reached a play-off mooring. The loss by the chargers on Saturday night greatly simplifies the rest of the picture. A victory against the Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday or a home win against the Raiders in Week 17 will set the AFC West title and a farewell in the first round. Two victories or a victory and a loss of the Texans secure the first place. Two defeats and a Chargers victory over the Broncos would make the Chiefs fall to seed # 5. Texans (10-4)

: You still have a play-off slot. A victory on Sunday in Philadelphia or a Steelers loss would give the Texans their official ticket for the postseason. A victory over the Eagles would also enter the division title. The victories over the Eagles and Jaguars would bring the # 2 seed and hit the Texans for the first time in franchise history. Two victories and two Chiefs defeats would give the Texans an advantage in the playoffs. Two losses could prevent the Texans from winning the AFC South.

Patriots (9-5) : Two weeks after the 10th consecutive title, the Patriots still have a victory from securing. Two home victories (home win over money and jets) and at least one loss of Texans (Eagles, Hauss vs. Jaguars) would give the Patriots their ninth round in the first round in a row.

Ravens (9-6) : Thanks to this victory over the Chargers, the Ravens will win next week, either as AFC North champions (if the Steelers lose to the Saints or at home to the Bengals) ) or No. 6 seeds (If not, as MDS said on Saturday, the Texans lose their last two games, and Houston champions the ever-changing Ravens winning streak). Baltimore would win with the Titans a wildcard tiebreaker at 10-6 (thanks to a 21-0 stoppage of Tennessee this year) or the Colts at 10-6 (thanks to a better conference record). At this point, it is still possible for the ravens to lose even next week. They would win the division if the Steelers lose twice, and the Ravens would secure the number 6 if the Colts lose against the Giants on Sunday and defeat the Titans next weekend, and if the dolphins lose at least once. [19659003] Steelers (8-5-1) : Your playoff odds remain low. A win over the Saints would keep the Steelers in first place at AFC North, but victory would not guarantee anything; A victory at home against Bengals this Sunday would still be needed to hedge the division, provided the Ravens did not lose to the Browns. A Pittsburgh defeat against the Saints would make the Steelers fall behind the Ravens at AFC North and behind the Titans (and maybe the Colts) for seed # 6. If the Colts beat the Giants on Sunday, the door would be slammed for the sixth seed for practical reasons, as the Titans and Colts would each be 9-6 and the winner of their Week 17 showdown would rise to 10-6 from Pittsburgh box. This would limit the Steelers' chances that the Ravens lost to the Browns in the playoffs. In week 17, it would not be a Colts-Titans draw, which would give the Steelers the tiebreaker in a trio of teams with a 9-6-1 record. Titans (9-6) : A Steelers defeat against the Saints on Sunday would be a win-and-win scenario for the Titans next week, with their 10-6 record after a win Colts would be better than Pittsburgh's best score of 9-6-1, or the 9-7 final that Baltimore needs to give the Steelers the AFC North title. If the Steelers beat the saints, the scenario is as follows: Defeat the Colts and the Root so the Steelers or Ravens lose next weekend. Two losses from the Texans and a Tennessee victory over the Colts this weekend would give the Titan the AFC South crown, which is based on the division record tiebreaker.

Colts (8-6) : Batting the Giants on Sunday would put the Colts in the same position as the Titans: victory and victory if the Steelers lose to the Saints. If the Steelers beat the saints, the Colts would have to win in Week 17 and hope the Steelers or Ravens will lose the same day. The Giants and Titans, along with two losses from the Texans, would give the Colts the division title, based on the division-record tiebreaker with Houston.

Dolphins (7-7) : You can steal the AFC East with two wins (Jaguars, at Bills) and two New England losses. There remains an intricate route to the wildcard, which will require two wins, a Colts defeat by the Giants on Sunday, a Colts victory over the Titans next Sunday and either a Ravens defeat by the Browns this Sunday or two Steelers losses , If the Ravens lose and the Steelers win at least once, the Dolphins could win a four-way tiebreaker with the Ravens, Titans and Colts, based on a record of 8-4. If the Steelers lose twice, the Dolphins could win a three-way tiebreaker with the Colts and Titans. In both scenarios, the Colts lose on Sunday and then defeat the Titans on Sunday.

Saints (12-2) : The NFC South is stuck. A victory in the last two games – at home against the Steelers and Panthers – secures the first place. Losses by the bears and Aries on Sunday would also provide the top seed, even if the saints lose. The Saints could still waste a round in the first round by losing twice while the bears and bears were victorious.

Rams (11-3) : They won the NFC West, but not more. The rams have to win twice and hope that the saints lose twice to land the seed # 1. Parting in the first round also requires a pair of end-of-season (at Cardinals, Home vs. 49ers) as the 10-4 bears head over head over the Rams. One or two losses of the Bears (at 49ers, at Vikings) would facilitate this way.

Bears (10-4) : Having won their first NFC North title since 2010, the Bears can still climb the ladder high to the very top. Two wins (49ers and Vikings) and a loss at Rams would put Chicago in second place. Two wins, one Rams loss and two Saints losses would give the Bears home advantage during the postseason.

Cowboys (8-6) : You will defeat the NFC East with a victory the buccaneer or with a loss of eagles to the Texans. Two victories (Bucs, at Giants) and two Bear losses gave the Cowboys the No. 3 seed.

Seahawks (8-6) : A victory in one of the last two home games against the Chiefs and Cardinals will take a playoff berth. A loss could refer the Seahawks to seed # 6.

Vikings (7-6-1) : Since Washington lost on Saturday, the Vikings can win at least the sixth seed on Sunday by hitting the lions when the Eagles lose to the Texans. A victory for the Vikings and a loss of Seattle to the Chiefs would bring Minnesota until the 17th week before the 17th week.

Eagles (7-7) : Two victories (against Texans in Washington) plus a Viking loss would give the Eagles the # 6 seed. Fifth place is also possible, but the Seahawks would have to lose twice for the Eagles to reach the high. The fourth seed and division title can return to Philly if the Eagles win twice and lose the Cowboys to Tampa and the Giants.

Washington (7-8) : Barely alive after blowing At the head of Tennessee, Washington must see the Eagles lose to the Texans or the Vikings to the Lions and the Seahawks to the Chiefs. Washington can go in if the Vikings lose twice, if the Eagles lose to the Texans on Sunday, and if Washington defeats the Eagles on Sunday. Washington can also board if the Eagles lose today, Washington will beat the Eagles next Sunday, the Seahawks lose twice, and Washington backs the winning streak.

Panthers (6-8): Carolinas slender playoff hopes are dashed with another loss or Minnesota victory. The Panthers can live a berth if they win twice, if the Vikings lose twice, if the Eagles lose to the Texans this Sunday and if the Eagles beat Washington the next Sunday.

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