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The Congress White House was paused for Pelosi and Trump to meet

America's two most powerful leaders will come face-to-face again.

Trump offered a window into his state of mind on Tuesday evening, lashing out at Democrats for refusing to accept his mantra of "NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION!"

"The Dems were unhappy with the outcome of the $ 40M Mueller Report, so now they want a do-over, "Trump tweeted."

 Jerry Nadler is the other House Democrat feeling the heat on impeachment
At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the speaker wants to join another longtime trump antagonist Chuck Schumer of New York, Democratic Senate Minority Leader, and bipartisan's $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan.

Pelosi's House D

Pelosi's legendary grip on her Democratic troops is, perhaps, most significant test of her reluctance to swiftly initiate impeachment hearings against Trump, even as he
On Tuesday alone, Trump's former White House counsel Don McGahn ignored a subpoena to testify to a House committee on the President's orders, prompting furious Democrats to hold a theatrical "empty chair" hearing.
Pelosi's subordinates to one of Trump's most trusted confidants – his former communications director Hope Hicks – and Ann Donaldson, McGahn's plugged-in former chief of staff.
And the President launches an appeal against a federal court ruling on a bankruptcy day.

While they are seeking to Pelosi and Trump wants to make a conciliation with their efforts to achieve their goals. "

All that Pelosi does – from her handling Trump a one-term president.

Trump, meanwhile, faces one of his biggest domestic tests as President as he is Pelosi's House Majority and Sending to Retirement on a Second Term.

A tense relationship

Given their ceremonial roles, Pelosi and Trump often cross paths – and are usually civil to each other.

But the California Democrat's condescending
And Schumer, Pelosi and Trump clashed during a stunning televised presidential venting Session on immigration late last year in the Oval Office.
George W. Bush was in the White House. When they see the body of Bush's father, former President George H.W. Bush, which is lying in state in the Capitol in December.

Infrastructure improvement is a program both sides want – not least to lay their different sets of voters in 2020. But it's an issue that often founders on political divides, as goodwill is drained by unrelated disputes and no one can agree on how to pay for new roads,

And in truth, infrastructure may be one of the most important current questions that need to be addressed the coming days – on the budget and the debt ceiling, for instance – could hardly be more critical.

Negotiators from the White House.

There are some hopeful signs that it may be a deal to deal with, at least on Tuesday.

Negotiators from the White House

Such a deal could stave off $ 120 billion in automatic spending cuts and much of the shutdown of another government After Trump came out second best in the last search showdown.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he hoped a deal could not end before Tuesday.

"We're working hard on it," Schumer told reporters, saying the talks were "productive."

Still, the acid test of any deal Trump wants to make some good decisions, and that's not all. "

And while an agreement could build some goodwill, the gravity

The impeachment conundrum

Pelosi has said she believes the President is trying to go into her

Trump – due to the GOP's majority in the Senate – wants to be drowned out Democratic priorities on health ca

Trump to account – and the court system, as witnessed by Monday's victory – in order to keep the focus on the president's alleged misdeeds.

"I think the president every day gives grounds for impeachment in terms of his obstruction of justice." You never say, blanketly, I'm not answering any subpoenas.

But a growing number of Democrats – including, for the first time, key members of House leadership – are demanding the start of an impeachment inquiry.

Democratic Rep. Val Demings of Florida said the evidence in the Mueller report was sufficient for democrats to take the next step, fateful step.

"Jake Tapper on The Lead."

"And so I believe, based on

"I'm getting there."

Even some of Pelosi's most loyal committee chairmen seem to be getting closer to an impeachment epiphany.

"I'm getting there , "House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings, a Maryland Democrat, told CNN ' Manu Raju on Tuesday, explaining that he is getting closer to supporting an impeachment inquiry.

Another powerful Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, who runs the House Intelligence Committee, appears to be heading in a similar direction. [19659002] "The case gets stronger the more they stonewall the Congress," ship told CNN on Tuesday.

CNN's Ted Barrett and Clare Foran contributed to this report.

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