This story contains important details from the premiere of ABC's "The Conners" on Tuesday.

RIP, Roseanne Conner

Viewers learned that the TV matriarch attended the Top of Tuesday premiere of "The Conners," the spin-off sitcom, the "Roseanne" after a racist May tweet by Star Roseanne Barr replaced, led to her dismissal and the top-rated sitcoms cancellation.

The cause of death? Opioid drug use that exacerbated existing health conditions.

Barr, perhaps not surprisingly, took another route in a tweet – the form of communication that brought her in the first place in trouble – shortly after the episode aired on the East Coast. 19659006] "I'm not dead, bitches !!!" she wrote

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There had been much speculation that death would be the only way for a new series on Conner's working class to end the person's permanent absence Explain center of the family.

John Goodman, who plays Roseanne's husband Dan, slid it down Roseanne dies in a summer interview with a British news agency, but ABC, producers and stars were the mother of the character's fate.

Later in the episode on Tuesday, to the surprise of Conners, it was revealed that Opioide had a role in the death of Roseanne. Family members thought her heart was the cause, but Roseanne also had a problem last season with painkillers based on knee pain.

Dan found a way to pay for her knee surgery and said he threw away all their drugs – or so he thought. A search of the home of Roseanne's sister Jackie and her daughter Darlene revealed a secret supply of pills.

<img itemprop = "url" src = " = 540 & height = 405 & fit = bounds & auto = webp "alt =" Family members (Laurie Metcalf, left, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson and John Goodman) learn how matriarch Roseanne Conner died in the series premiere of & # 39; The Conners & # 39; a & # 39; Roseanne & # 39; spinoff compiled after the launch of Roseanne Barr (19659018) family members (Laurie Metcalf, left, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, and John Goodman) learn how the matriarch Roseanne Conner in the series premiere of "The Conners", a "Roseanne" spinoff, died following the dismissal of Roseanne Barr and the cancellation of the cult comedy in May . (Photo: Eric McCandless, ABC)

Jackie broke the news: "I just got a call from a friend in Forensic Medicine. The autopsy showed that it was not a heart attack. Roseanne about opioids. "

Dan was shocked." That's not possible. We knew she had a problem. She had painkillers only two days after surgery. And then it was just ibuprofen. It must be wrong. "

Jackie:" Well, I wish it was but you think she must have taken the pills right before bed, and with her health problems was enough to breathe.


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