UAW Local 589 members attempt to warm up in the rain outside the Flint Assembly on strike against General Motors on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. [Photo:RyanGarzaDetroitFreePress)

The strike the UAW against General Motors continues to affect the automaker's worldwide production, although both sides have reached a preliminary agreement.

GM has temporarily stopped General Motors' production A GM spokesman said the Mexico 2020 Chevrolet Blazer SUV is no longer available due to a lack of parts due to the UAW's nationwide strike.

However, the automaker resumed production of the Chevrolet Impala in Canada on Friday.

The automaker plans a series of electric trucks, including SUVs, and may re-launch the Hummer brand at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant.

GM's production stopped production on Friday at the Ramos Arizpe Vehicle in Mexico, GM spokesman Dan Flores said.

"Blazer production will stop until the strike is over," Flores said. "Equinox (Chevrolet) production is running normally in factories in Mexico and Canada." About 46,000 UAW workers went on strike on September 16 at 00:01 in 55 GM operations in 10 states contracting with GM on Wednesday and have until 25 October to vote to ratify or reject it. His National GM Council voted to stay on strike until the treaty was ratified by the membership.

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GM's decision to build the blazer in Mexico instead of a US plant was a sore spot for the UAW, as was low-cost Mexican production in general.

GM builds its best-selling SUV, the Equinox, at its San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico and Ontario. In San Luis Potosi also the GMC Terrain and the Chevrolet Trax will be built. Production in San Luis Potosi will continue, according to Flores. On Friday, GM was able to resume construction of the Impala limousine at its Oshawa, Ontario facility and return some 750 people to work. The Impala production and the production of the predecessor models GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado were stopped just days after the start of the UAW strike against GM.

The pickup lines are still shut down, said Flores. However, GM has enough parts to resume GM production of the Impala and its completion in the next two weeks. The plant should be closed at the end of the year.

The Impala is discontinued along with the Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Volt and Buick LaCrosse. All vehicles are sedans, and consumer sentiment has changed to favor pickups and SUVs. The Chevrolet Malibu sedan will continue, GM said. However, the fate of the Cadillac CT6 is unclear, said Flores.

A few days after the strike began, some 4,500 GM workers were temporarily released in Canada. Of these, 1,200 employees are temporarily dismissed at GM's truck assembly plant in Oshawa.

Oshawa's stamping process continues. It punches sheet metal for the CAMI plant in Ontario.

Hummer Returns

GM plans to build a new group of premium electric pickups and other vehicles such as SUVs at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant from late 2021 onwards, which is familiar with the plans.

GM is considering reviving the old Hummer brand on some of them, the person said.

General Motors sold its Hummer H3 and other big trucks until it stops the brand during its 2009 bankruptcy. (Photo: GM Photo)

In its preliminary agreement with the UAW, GM said it would build an electric pickup and van, but "van" is a generic term for a variety of body styles, the person said. [19659005] GM declined to speak about a future product, except to confirm that it is investing under the preliminary agreement in Detroit-Hamtramck.

The BT1-designated electric truck program is part of a planned $ 3 billion investment in Detroit-Hamtramck plant, according to Reuters. GM has invested $ 7.7 billion in GM's US plants over the next four years.

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