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The COVID-19 vaccine is unlikely to be as effective in obese people: experts

A coronavirus vaccine, once found, is unlikely to be as effective at protecting obese people, researchers have warned.

Other vaccines, such as the one for flu and hepatitis B, have been less successful in overweight people – a pattern that experts believe is COVID-19, CNN reported Wednesday.

“Will we have a COVID vaccine tailored for obesity next year? Definitely not, ”Raz Shaikh, associate professor in the University of North Carolina Nutrition Department, told the point of sale.

“Will it still work for overweight people?” he asked. “Our prediction is no.”

However, this does not mean that overweight people should not be vaccinated when introducing a vaccine, argues Dr. Timothy Garvey, director of diabetes research at the University of Alabama.

“The influenza vaccine still works in obese patients, but not as well,”

; Garvey told CNN. “We still want them to be vaccinated.”

However, in the United States, where more than 107 million people are considered obese, the problem remains of particular concern, meaning that their weight is greater than what is considered healthy for their size.

In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that people with obesity are at greater risk of serious illness if they become infected with the coronavirus.

Scientists around the world are looking for a contagion vaccine that has caused more than 700,000 deaths worldwide, at least 157,000 of them in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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