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The Cubs offensive begins to be ready for October

What a difference a week makes.

When the Cubs prepared for a series in Detroit last Monday, they were in the midst of what was probably the worst offensive of the season and only managed a solo Homer one night.

This Monday, they were from a five-game winning series and preparing to face Noah Syndergaard. They responded by grabbing Thor with 9 hits, 3 walks and 4 runs in 6 innings, and was covered by Jon Lester with a 7-4 win on two two-runs.

"Loved the rapprochement," said Joe Maddon. "We hit a couple of balls that were caught, I loved it, I thought we looked really good on the plate, we did not try to make too much in general, we moved the ball when we needed it.

"These are the things we need to do in the playoffs from now until the end of the year. We have to move the ball when it has to be moved. I have said that for a long time. … We looked like that a while ago and got off now. Now it starts to show up again.

It was inevitable that the Cubs offensive resurrected and they could not have had a better time to rebound.

Starting with Syndergaard Monday, the Cubs are having some really good pitches in the new weeks …

The Mets throw Jacob deGrom out on Tuesday, then the Cubs have to face the Braves ace Mike Foltynewicz in the make-up game At the moment, luck seems to be on the side of the Cubs, as they are both Jake Arrieta as well as Aaron Nola in Philadelphia, but the Phillies are still a playoff team with a solid bullpen and a trio of capable starters behind their spikes.

From there, there are three games in Milwaukee, four in Washington ( and probably another run-in with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg) and then three more with the Brewers at Wrigley The Cubs finally get a day off.

The schedule gets better from there, thanks to one another series with the Reds and White Sox in mid-September, but there are no free days ̵

1; figuratively or literally – for this Cubs offensive for the next two. plus plus weeks

This will be a huge benchmark for a franchise that has been preparing its offensive for October since they were knocked out of the playoffs last fall.

"Well, you see in the postseason, people like this," Maddon Montag said.

The full emphasis of Maddon and the meeting with the coaches Chili Davis and Andy Haines among the young Cubs boys to use the opposing field to make more contact and try to make runs is put to the test.

"I think boys are mature, yes, and I think our offense is so contagious in both directions," said Anthony Rizzo. "When the guys have good clubs, I feel like they're feeding each other and the next guy has a good racket and the next one has a good racket and then we're in good shape." [19659002] The good news is that there are many positive things in this lineup.

Daniel Murphy doubled and scored the first night on Matchday 1 of Syndergaard, giving the Cubs formation a completely different look, certainly and aptly scoring in all six games.

Kris Bryant started rehabilitation on Monday night in the minor leagues and it seems only a matter of days before he returns to the Cubs for the first time in over a month. 19659002] Rizzo has just won NL Player of the Week and collected three additional base hits on Monday, including a monster home run in the center right.

Javy Baez approaches the 100 RBI and is out of his brief break-in.

Home runs just come in bundles for Kyle Schwarzer.

David Bote has returned to the league and likes to meet Wrigley Field (1,044 OPS), even though the Cubs have just started their longest road trip of the season.

Jason Heyward had two games over the weekend ended with an ankle injury, but came back on Sunday with a four-goal play and pulled away one important step from Syndergaard and unified him on another Monday.

Ben Zobrist is as stable as ever, including the game winners Monday Night – A double from the wall in the left center to plaster Rizzo in the seventh inning.

Willson Contreras scored his first extra base hit on Saturday and made a mechanical adjustment to the plate to improve his timing.

"We see nothing but good pitching for the next few weeks," said Maddon. "On the good side of that, I think our offensive is going well, with Daniel at the top making a difference in the group, I think he's spreading the confidence among the rest of the group."

"KB is getting well again will make the lineup even longer. … But most of all, I think it's an infectious, self-confident thing. And we have to keep working on these good thugs, piling them up and maintaining the little bit of offensive pride we're working on right now.

Of course, all these good vibes can evaporate in a hurry, especially against some of the league's best pitchers.

As we said, what a difference a week makes and see what the next week will bring and whether Cubs offensive really October is ready or not.

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