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The cutest things Prince Harry ever said about Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are a beautiful couple. Their attachment may be controversial, their love is strong; it blooms in photos and flows out in their words.

While they were together for only a short time, Markle and her prince have said some incredibly sweet things about each other. In today's article, let's look at the five most important things Prince Harry said about his beautiful wife.

"I am incredibly proud of my wife … How every woman does what she does is incomprehensible."

  Prince Harry
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex | Steve Parsons – WPA Pool / Getty Images

On May 6, 2019, Markle gave birth to a beautiful boy, Archie. Of course, Prince Harry was thrilled with his son, but that's not the only thing he's been thinking about for the long-awaited day.

Prince Harry fell in love with his beautiful wife again. He met the media the same day to make a statement. Meanwhile, he let the world know that both Markle and Archie were doing well and the experience was indescribable.

Prince Harry continued to rave about Markle, sharing his pride in his wife and his astonishment at women around the world.

When did I know she was the one? The very first time we met. "

A common friend is actually the one who is responsible for the meeting, which would change the understanding of the British royal family as we know it today! Markle said that the only thing she cares about is whether her blind date was nice or not.

When the two met for drinking, the sparks began to fly and both parties seemed to go crazy for a second appointment.

"We met for drinking, and then I think about it very quickly, that we said, 'Well, what are we going to do tomorrow? We should meet again.

Later, Prince admitted to Harry that it was more than just sparks; It was love at first sight!

"I was very surprised when I walked into this room and saw her."

Admitting love at first sight is not the only thing Prince Harry said about her fateful meeting when Prince Harry came into the room where Markle was sitting, he was surprised, in fact his initial thoughts were startling that he really needed to bring his A-Game if he wanted to impress the beautiful woman sitting in front of him.

Fun Fact: Markle turned blue that day When the two married, she sewed a fabric from this dress into her wedding attire to fulfill "something blue."

"I thought, 'Okay, I'm really goin' to improve my game here. "

" This beautiful woman is literally Bleached stumbled and fallen into my life.

This statement is part of a much larger and much nicer feeling: according to Prince Harry, her whirlwind romance was no coincidence: on the day of her engagement announcement, Prince Harry said he had fallen fast and deeply in love with Markle, which meant the They should be and no one could change that.

"The fact that I fell so in love with Meghan so quickly was a kind of affirmation to me that all the stars were aligned, everything was just perfect. [There] was this beautiful woman who literally stumbled and fell into my life. [and] I fell into her life. "

" I know she chooses me at the end of the day Whatever we need to do, we will be together as a team. "

There is nothing more romantic than recognizing a couple as a team during their first interview with the BBC Not only did Prince Harry make them choose each other, he also spoke as a unit of them. This means that their bond is strong and they will be able to overcome any obstacle on their way.

Given their ability to rise above the controversy that surrounds them, it is obvious that Prince Harry meant exactly what he said.

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