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The CW ends its Netflix deal. So what happens to Riverdale?

Many of the original CW series have found a new audience through a longstanding streaming contract with Netflix, but this deal is coming to an end.

The agreement of Netflix with the parent companies of The CW, Warner Bros. and CBS, ensured that CW series such as Riverdale Supernatural, The Flash and Arrow Netflix automatically ended after the first launch of a season on network television. The contract was first signed in 2011 and renewed in 2016. However, the network does not plan to renew if the contract expires in the spring. The Verge can confirm this. This means that new shows like Batwoman, Nancy Drew and Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene do not automatically land on Netflix.

Nevertheless, according to the company, many beloved CW series will remain on Netflix. Netflix will continue to receive new seasons of shows that are already in streaming service, such as Riverdale, Flash, and Dynasty. In addition, every CW broadcast premiered last season in 2018/1901 will remain with Netflix throughout its life, meaning nothing will leave the service.

As streaming wars come together and networks begin to do business with the company, Netflix executives are less interested in full-output deals than in those who have completed The CW, a spokesman said The Verge. Instead, more emphasis is placed on capturing certain series that are beneficial to Netflix subscribers.

Also continue to be series like Katy Keene or Nancy Drew could still land on Netflix – it all depends on licenses and bids. Many of The CW's shows are produced by either CBS or Warner Bros. Television and use licensed characters by publishers such as DC Comics ( Batwoman ) or Archie Comics ( Riverdale ). Nancy Drew is the exclusive property of CBS TV Studios, as reported Deadline . Katy Keene has two owners: It is produced and distributed by Warner Bros. TV but is owned by CBS TV.

There is no guarantee that these will be exclusive during the upcoming launch of the WarnerMedia streaming service this year. Nor are they likely to land exclusively on CBS All Access, the established stand-alone streaming service of CBS. Nancy Drew and Katy Keene could land on Netflix, but the network now has to offer, along with other potentially interested candidates, the streaming rights to the series rather than receiving them automatically.

Batwoman however, is the exclusive property of Warner Bros. TV. Deadline indicates that " Batwoman is scheduled for the upcoming WarnerMedia streaming service." This is in line with earlier statements made by Kevin Reilly, the WarnerMedia manager for AT & T's new streaming service, Reporters opposed a few months ago. WarnerMedia and AT & T want the best series of their network exclusively on their own platform. Batwoman one of the most anticipated new series from The CW's DC Arrowverse will most likely stream exclusively to WarnerMedia's new streaming service.

CW's decision not to renew its contract with Netflix can be considered a strike against the streaming service, but both companies benefited from the agreement. Riverdale saw an increase in ratings at the second season premiere on the Net, which was due to the popularity of Riverdale which was noted after Netflix's first season ended and was streamed by users could be. according to Deadline . At the same time, many of the most popular Netflix series subscribe to The CW.

Networks and studios are in an era of streaming exclusivity, which means they're likely to make more of these executive decisions to end output deals with Netflix and Hulu. The CW can only be the tip of the iceberg in many ways.

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