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The Day – Do you remember the midday lady being fired for giving a boy a free meal? His mother says now, she lied.

It was a hurricane week in Canaan, NH, where less than 4,000 television cameras fell on the city after the news that a cafeteria worker had been fired for giving a free meal to a student in the national media had attracted attention.

Bonnie Kimball claimed that she lost her job when a supervisor caught her when she gave $ 8 worth of food to a student whose account had no money. After the story became viral, she received a lot of support, including a job offer from celebrity chef José Andrés, and the contractor who hired her offered to reinstate her.

But now the school district has withdrawn its support for Kimball after the student's mother informed the New Hampshire union leader that she was suggesting to Kimball to lie and "cover up".

Kimball had lunched at the Mascoma Valley Regional High Cafeteria for nearly five years, according to Valley News, and was released on March 29. The union leader said on the basis of her account that the dismissal was due to a manager catching her when she was giving a meal to a student who had no money in his lunch account.

Kim Stone, the president of Café Services subsidiary she hired, Brian Stone, said in a statement to the Washington Post on May 1

7 that the company would offer to reinstate her.

The same day, Kimb Alle told the Associated Press that she had no interest in taking the job back and claimed that Fresh Picks Café had offered her her job "so she could keep her contract [with the school district]. "

But the mother The student who received Kimball's free lunch now told the union leader that Kimball was dishonest. She said her son, a 17-year-old, should bring his own meals.

"I have three children, all well cared for and well fed," said the mother to the union leader. "She was not fired because she fed a hungry child."

The woman, whom the union leader did not call for the protection of her privacy, also communicated to the teenager Facebook messages from Kimball to try to cover up her account given the news media.

"We are hurriedly written," Kimball wrote, "but we can make it look good, Lol."

Stone said the teenager had received free food From Kimball for three months, not just a meal.

The student's mother told the union leader she did not know why Kimball gave her son free food.

"We have nothing to do with her outside the school system," she told the newspaper.

Kimball dismissed the student's mother's claims of coverup, the union leader said.

After the story became viral, Kimball opened a GoFundMe account, which yielded $ 8,498 on May 24. A representative of GoFundMe, who had previously verified the account, told The Wa-shington Post, "GoFundMe will consider donor claims for reimbursement, and to date we have not received refund requests."

As a representative of Café Services for the first time Commenting on May 17, he told The Post that "the reported information is not true," but declined to work it out. School District Superintendent Amanda Isabelle affirmed that the district policy provides for lunch to be offered to each student regardless of their ability to pay.

On May 20, Stone, the president of Café Services' subsidiary, which employed Kimball, issued a video statement in which he explained that the matter was not previously commented on in "Respect for Privacy and Confidentiality of Our Employees", he wanted to correct the protocol.

"This student has not been charged for anything in the last three months," Stone said. "This employee was dishonest and was fired because he had not followed the procedures."

Isabelle, the school district leader, wrote in a Facebook post on May 22, the district revoked his call for the employee to be rehired. "

" We were overwhelmed by a swarm of national and international media interests in this incident, "wrote Isabelle," but I do not think we have seen a complete and complete repetition of the facts so far. "[19659002] In a separate statement to The Post, Stone said he hopes that attention to the story could instead be channeled to organizations like Friends of Mascoma, which support the region's diet." He concluded his video statement with one Call for a return to normality

"We would like to return to feeding children," he said, "because we love doing that."


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