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The day the Apple Watch solved a murder: a series of clashes with Apple

An Australian murder was resolved by using Apple Watch data, a brawl erupted on an Apple Store through headphones, and a baseless allegation of iPhone theft against an Apple Store employee during a flight in this summary of Apple-related crime reports.

Like so many aspects of today's life, Apple seems to keep coming up with stories about law enforcement and crime. Products such as iPhones and iPads are often stolen and used in committing crimes, while the company itself repeatedly appears in debates about data protection and the behavior of authorities and law enforcement agencies.

So, AppleInsider introduces a new, occasional feature: A summary of current crime stories about Apple products.

Apple Watch data triggered an Australian murder

Data from an Apple Watch have helped investigators in Australia solve a 201

6 murder. According to Australian ABC News investigators have collected data from the victim's Apple Watch, 57-year-old Myrna Nilsson, and the data showed that Nilsson's niece Caroline Nilsson had actually orchestrated a house invasion and The Apple Watch activity and heart rate measurements helped establish the date of the murder, leading to the arrest of the younger Nilsson

iPhone theft could be a crime for life in Virginia

Virginia has recently The threshold for theft of crime has changed, but the new crowd still poses the theft of most iPhones in such an area that the belief that they stole it on the iPhone would make the thief a lifelong criminal According to the Marketplace.org Legislators in Virginia have recently reached an agreement to break the threshold of the state o $ 500 heights when it was previously $ 200, coupled with New Jersey for the lowest in the country. However, most states have a threshold of over $ 1,000.

Aircraft passenger, falsely accused of iPhone theft, was an Apple Store employee

A 27-year-old man who was falsely accused of stealing another passengers' iPhone on a British Airways flight was accused of because he was the only black man on the flight. The Daily Mail reported that Jonathan Vardon, also an Apple Store employee, was searched after landing the plane in Barcelona, ​​but the owner turned out to leave his cell phone in the bathroom of the plane would have.

Apple Store Scuffle in Texas

A dispute in an Apple store in a shopping mall in Friendwood, Texas, this week seems to be related to a customer who falsely believed he had stolen a pair of headphones. Local TV Station KTRK reported that the man who had put the headphones on his baby son's stroller was hit by an unidentified man, as shown on a security video. In close combat, no arrests were made.

iPad taken by AT & T employees with their bare hands

In New Orleans, a man is being searched for who goes into an AT & T store and takes an iPad directly out of the hands of a business employee. According to WWL TV ,% 0D% 0A "> the theft took place on March 27, the crime was caught in the store video.

Apple Telephone Fraud Reports in Wisconsin

Scammers falsely claim calling from Apple Wisconsin residents and seeks remote access to their computers According to The Journal Times Newspaper the scam begins as a recording claiming to come from the company, citing a problem with their iCloud or Apple ID accounts A "support agent" will then seek access to the brand's computer, and the fake agent would ask for a $ 100 iTunes gift card as a "payment." Another version has omitted the robocall item and called it directly A similar scam was also reported in Florida, especially for seniors.

Three arrested for taking an iPad from New Jersey Aunt Anne [19659009] Three people were arrested in late March for stealing an iPad from an aunt Anne Brezeladen at a mall in Bridgewater, New Jersey. According to the local news agency tap Into the Breeze which became three suspects each charged with theft of movable property, defiant trespassing and receiving stolen property.

Alleged City Worker Fraud Involved in iPhones, Apple Watches

A Logistics Officer in Utility The Round Rock, Texas Department was arrested for stealing more than $ 15,000 from the city coffers. This included unauthorized charges for two iPhones, two Apple Watches, power tools and "a 50 gram gold bar" on his credit cards. According to Austin American-Statesman, Carlos Hernandez Jr., was charged with theft. Apple products are not approved spending on credit cards in the city, the report said.

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