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"The democratic base is angry with hell": Cory Booker's love message falls flat

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                  Democratic presidential candidate Senator Cory Booker speaks at the Iowa Democratic Party's Black Caucus reception on April 16 in Des Moines, Iowa. | Charlie Neibergall / AP Photo [19659003] SIOUX CITY, IOWA – Senator Cory Booker submitted an offer to the White House in February for a message of love and unity, painting himself as an inspirational guide that would help a polarized America find common ground. [19659003] Only 10 Weeks Later Booker notes that love is not enough. </p>
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Booker was looking for a one-to-one reopening of his Campaign For All "Two-Weeks" in the single-digit range of questionable top tier competitors in the fundraiser national tour with many economic policy proposals and social justice. In Iowa, he presented a comprehensive proposal for a new income tax credit and discussed the need for rural infrastructure investment. In Georgia, he presented av plan of granting rights, promise to make Election Day a National Holiday, and the restoration of voting rights for former offenders.

Recent moves are aimed at reviving a presidential nomination that has overwhelmed some Democrats wondering if Booker's message in the Trump era makes them think.

Booker launched his presidential candidacy on February 1, suggesting that the nation's next leader must seek ways to reunite an ever-divided country. Booker, who often refers to Martin Luther King Jr., shapes his candidacy as one seeking to bring back bourgeois grace and discourse. He says the political tribalism in America is so deep: "We can not even do the things that we agree on. "

" Right now, this country does not need the people who have a race to the gutter, no party that shows the worst of who they are. Not when they go down, we go deeper, we do not fight the fire with the fire. "He recently said at a stop in Iowa.

It's a delicate platform that needs to be executed, said Sean Bagniewski, chairman of the Polk County Democrats. He said Bookers Messaging is "captivating," but there comes a political moment when the party demands candidates who provide evidence that they can defeat President Donald Trump.

"The base of the Democrats is evil and we fight for our lives," Bagniewski said. "That's the way it feels every day. The main voters are upset and want to fight.

In a city hall in Iowa, a potential chaplain commented on this approach Booker's approach, telling him that "while we love your love message," issues such as climate change are addressed "It must be our top priority."

Even the senator admitted that he ranked second in his messaging.

"This is not a strategy to win Cory. They fight against Donald Trump. How do you want to win? "" Booker said people would ask him. "And I say, 'Please, I'm the guy who beat that machine in Newark, New Jersey. "

Booker said the crowd from Iowa thought the election would have to be more than just pushing Trump out of the White House.

"We have the choice in this election. To make it with a man and a choice and just get rid of him? I understand this call, but it must be something bigger, "Booker said. "We Democrats in this room, it's not just about beating Republicans, no. This is a moral moment in our country where Americans have to be united.

A survey by March Focus on Rural America in Iowa confirms Booker's premise that 50 percent of respondents said it was "absolutely critical" that a 2020 candidate was "someone who is race, ethnic and partisan." Healing in our country can heal. "

However, as Booker draws into the second quarter of the most populated and diverse Democratic presidential primaries in history, Booker notes that he possessed these skills long as a speaker was typed with the mayor's flair of finding human connection not enough to break through. Alongside a number of other US senators in the race, fresh faces like former Texas Rep. Beto O & Rourke and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg use similar retail features to impress potential voters.

According to polls, O Rourke and Buttigieg are still ahead of Booker, who also leaves the top contenders in the race, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

Booker's first $ 5 million fundraising event came at the bottom of the expanding field of the Democrats, and while his campaign says his poll numbers qualified him for the national debate phase, he finds himself in a petition for small bucks that reflects the strength in many of them The campaigns of its competitors.

Against this backdrop, Booker's two-week tour of the country has shifted to a more politically-charged agenda that will take him to the early presidential and southern states.

At an event in Iowa on the tax day, Booker issued a large tax credit that would increase the income earned tax credit by 25 percent to reach more people.

"We should get the biggest increase in earned income tax credit, and that's what I suggest, making sure everyone who works gets back from the government – if you make more than $ 50,000 a year If you're a couple, $ 90,000 a year, you'll get a tax credit in that country, "he said. Then he gently nudged the crowd because he had not responded. "By the way, before you even applaud, let me tell you," he said, laughing.

While looking for a recharge in Iowa, Booker was overshadowed by Buttigieg, whose unexpected upswing was among the biggest crowd of Democratic 2020 candidates touring the nation's first state.

"I think part of it is the novelty factor. We have a lot of great candidates in this field who are pretty well known. Pete is bubbly because he is new and different. But his behavior, he's very calm, has a great sense of humor, but is very knowledgeable, "said Vanessa Phelan, Democrat Northwest Des Moines chairman.

Phelan noted that Buttigieg's crowd was unexpectedly large many of the same people who attended events for 2020 candidates still shopping, asked if the Democrats wanted to hear Booker's message of love and unity, she said they do – but they want more. [19659006] "What we all really want is for the presidency to change hands," she said, "I think there's room for this message, but I just do not know if it resonates."

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