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The deputy in Ujiri has a concussion, says the lawyer

SAN FRANCISCO – An MP suffered a concussion and is on vacation following an altercation with the President of the Toronto Raptors as he tries to join his team on the field to celebrate their NBA championship, a lawyer said Tuesday.

"The 20-year veteran of Alameda County's sheriff's office also has a serious jaw injury and is considering bringing a lawsuit against Raptors president Masai Ujiri," said lawyer David Mastagni.

"The official is incapacitated, disabled and wants to get back to work," Mastagni said. The name of the deputy was not disclosed.

The conflict between the deputy and Ujiri occurred when the deputy checked the access data to the court after the match on Thursday in Oakland against the Golden State Warriors.

Authorities say Ujiri tried to go past the deputy but the deputy stopped him because he did not see Ujiris legal writ.

Ujiri pushed the MP who pushed him back before Ujiri "made a second, more significant push and during this push his arm met our deputy at the side of the head", Sheriff's Sgt. Ray Kelly said. He said that Ujiri also called obscenities.

Several bystanders intervened and Ujiri entered the court without presenting a card, Kelly said. Against charges against Ujiri, Kelly said.

They also check material from body cameras worn by the deputy, as well as material from the arena monitoring system and cell phones.

The office does not plan to publicize the material of the deputy's body cameras for the public to be publicized during the investigation, Kelly said.

Kelly confirmed that the policeman is on medical leave.

The Raptors said last week that the team is cooperating with the investigation and gathering information for themselves. Tuesday there was no further comment.

Greg Wiener, who witnessed the altercation, said last week that the incident began when the deputy put his hand on Ujiri's chest and pushed him. Ujiri pushed him back before the bystanders intervened, Wiener said.

He also said back then that there was no conversation between the MP and Ujiri. But on Tuesday, he said, he remembered the officer who shouted, "Nobody comes to the court without a badge."

Wiener said he remembers the detail, "after thinking about it all weekend."
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