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The design is wide open for good art

If the best player at a certain point in time does not guarantee that he will be pulled that high, the trade can be examined into a stronger cluster. On the other hand, if the last player in a strong group is still available but may not go far enough, trading up is an option.

All of these choices are now more available to good art than a few months ago to support maximization The value of his 10 picks is not the worry of having to leave a key position behind, or two that have few NFL players. Gutekunst acknowledged that he had created overall more potential trading scenarios with the starting numbers 1

2 and 30 in the first round than usual.

"This is what I know and what I love. I really like this part a lot, "said Gutekunst. "The thinking process is part of improving our team."

Many analysts view this design deep in the defensive front, on the offensive line and at the narrow end, all areas that the Packers will likely address, if not several times. Gutekunst used his first two picks in the cornerback last year, but no team seems to have enough developers. The Packers also have five combined backs and wide receivers from the last two designs on the squad, but there is no exclusion that they will not add more.

All preparations are almost complete. Since last fall, when the Boy Scouts took to the streets for their campus visits, the Packers have built the design board that will conduct good art from Thursday to Saturday over seven rounds.

He stated at this point: "It is a little dangerous". To make too many last-minute reactionary adjustments that could affect the groundwork. The board will tell him where these value clusters are each time they move closer to their design, and he can make calm decisions amid the frenetic nature of 32 teams that have different opinions and approaches.

As long as many of us do this, you work all year round, "said Gutekunst. "We are all very excited. We are now at the point where we are here for Thursday and can only stand the weekend and see what we can do to help our team.

"The story here has shown that there are always opportunities to gain differentiators throughout the design. I think it's our job, every time we choose, who it is. "

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