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The director of Bulger "does not retire from Oscars races"

  Still from Detainment

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Vincent Lambe


Two young actors in the film Detainment play Bulger's killers

The director of a film about the boys who killed James Bulger refused to withdraw him from the Academy Awards race.

Bulger's mother, Denise Fergus, told ITV on Thursday: "He should take him away from the Oscars.

" Remove it from the public domain ̵

1; retire. "

But Vincent Lambe , whose Film Detainment is nominated for the Best Live Action Short Film, told the BBC, "I'm not taking it off the Oscars."

He said, "It's like saying that we burn every copy of it should. I think that would make the purpose of film production redundant.

Detainment recreates the moments before and after ten-year-old Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, who in 1993 took James out of a mall in Bootle, Merseyside, with their police interviews with the original protocols.

Lambe said, "The public Opinion at the moment is that these two boys were just evil and anyone who says otherwise or an alternative reason for why they did it or try to understand why they did it will be criticized for it.

"I think we have a responsibility to try to understand what happened."

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The filmmakers were critical because they had not consulted Denise Bulger and her family about the film.

Lambe has previously apologized for not notifying Ms. Fergus early, and told the BBC, "It's something we've been thinking about for a long time, and I wanted to talk to them to explain why we did it . "

But that was only after the film was screened at movie screenings and film festivals.

Lambe said, "I regret not having told them earlier."

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James Bulger was two years old when he was abducted and killed in 1993

Last month, Ms. Fergus told ITV's Loose Women that she asked people to boycott the film, "because I just do not think he should even be made, especially without James's parents being consulted ".

Detective's Police Critique

On Thursday, Ms. Fergus told This Morning that the film revived "the nightmare" for her.

"I've tried to leave it behind, I've been through all these years to see it still." [image] led by these two to death … And now it will be shown again?

The detective, who has brought James Bulger's murderer to justice, also said that Lambe had made a "grave mistake" in presenting the film for an Oscar and asked him to show "decorum" by saying

Albert Kirby said the film misrepresented the investigation into the toddler's death.

When Detainment is referred to as "insensitive," he said that the film "portrays a horrible movie" much aggression " during the police interviews.

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The film shows the boys being interviewed by the police

He told the BBC North West Tonight, "The actual events that he inserts into the film are correct, you can not fault them, but in my opinion that's irrelevant, it's the whole context."

"The building you used it, it looked like an abandoned warehouse, but we went to extra lengths to make sure where it felt comfortable." It was closed to prisoners.

"You They had drinks, they had chips … They had lawyers, a social worker and their parents. It was all very sociable. "

The retired detective superintendent also said scenes on a railway line where James' corpse was found were" so insensitive. "

He added," It causes so much unnecessary annoyance. "

Film regulation" necessary "

Ms. Fergus said This Morning There should be a regulation for dramatization and say:" If it is documentation, families should be contacted in advance.

"He even said that he never had contact because" he knows I would say no. "

" How does he know that I would say no? He never met me, he does not know me. I would not have equaled & # 39; No & # 39; said. I would have said, "Show me or tell me your plans are and we'll take it from there."

Vincent Lambe


The actors who played the boys were asked to to recreate the events during and after the murder

"No, I would not have agreed as he did, but I told him to do it differently."

Lambe told This Morning, "The film was never intended to cause more concern to the family of James Bulger.

" We never wanted a disrespect by not interrogating them. Although it is a painfully difficult case to understand, we have a responsibility to try to understand what happened.

"Critics have explicitly recommended the film to be responsible and respectful of the victim."

Ms. Fergus & # 39; husband Stuart also questioned the duty of care for the children's actors in the film and said, "It's bad enough that they have to go through the lines." I hope the two children, the actors It's a duty to take care of them, the scenes they had to reenact were pretty awful. "

He added," The kid who plays James is in tears and sobs. "[19659023] Petition Against Film

Presenter Phillip Schofield noted that due diligence might have been performed during the film, adding, "Child actors are known to be brilliant, they may be young, good actors, they cried because of them it was said they should cry. "

Mr Fergus said he had seen the movie but not his wife.

More than 100,000 people have now signed a petition, which was set up prior to the announcement of the nominations on Tuesday, and asked the Oscars to disqualify the 30-minute film.

Fergus has been a vocal activist over the years, demanding lengthy prison sentences for her son's murderers. They were sentenced to a minimum of eight years and published their recently published book "I Let Him Go."

In a statement released after Ms. Fergus first talked about the film, Lambe said, "I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for the Bulger family and I am very sorry that the film upset her. In retrospect, I am sorry that I did not draw Ms. Fergus's attention to the film. "

He added," The film was not made for financial reasons, and nobody who is involved in the making of the film wants it Benefit. "

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