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The disease forces Marion and Grundy County Schools to close for the rest of this week

Grundy and Marion counties say dozens of students call sick, so they want to prevent diseases from spreading. (Photo: WTVC)

It's the time of the disease, and two school districts in our area will be closed for the rest of the week.

Grundy and Marion Counties say dozens of students call sick people out. That's why they want to prevent diseases from spreading.

But it's not just the flu that keeps kids out of class. A nurse in Chattanooga said that bacterial infections such as sore throat also cause problems.

Kayla Johnson, nurse at the CHI Memorial, says that this year's flu season is quiet compared to the last.

I have seen quite a few positive streptests. Mostly children, but adults can get it, too, "Johnson said.

The latest figures from the Department of Health show that Hamilton County is largely flu-free, but some surrounding rural areas are severely affected by a variety of illnesses Dr. Mark Griffith Marion County School of Schools says his students are no exception.

"It's flu, it's stomach virus, it's diseases like flu. We had some positive tests, some not, but they & # 39 ;. They are still in some way sick or in some form, "Griffith said, adding that about 17 percent of his students and several teachers were sick on Wednesday, and in the next four days, cleaning teams will go to every school building in the United States Hope Disinfection Saves Diseases.

"We certainly do not have a crystal ball, but we hope it runs 100 percent Monday," Griffith said.

Health officials say disinfecting is the key to fighting viruses They now say that deep cleansing does not just have to happen at school, but also at home.

"Change the toothbrushes when they take antibiotics, that way they do not get the same germs in their mouths. Just keep them were quarantined by brothers and sisters when they are not sick, and not near friends, "said Johnson.

All extracurricular activities in Marion County, including sporting events at home, will be until Monday, January 28, canceled

Dr Griffith said another reason for dropping out of school was that several substitute teachers were also ill and could not fill in.

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