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The Dodgers hate players' weekend jerseys as much as you do

Photo: John McCoy (Getty Images)

In an attempt to add a "funny" twist to Players & Weekend, MLB announced earlier this year that each team will be in one Playing games in those few days would wear an almost solid color uniform with options of white and black. Apart from the simple problem that the color scheme makes it difficult to identify the nicknames on the back of the player jerseys – the original fold that made this weekend very mild interesting – the outfits also had the unintended effect That they all wear players look "like idiots," as Cleveland manager Terry Francona put it . Joe Maddon was also not a fan.

No comparison showed these problems more than Yankees-Dodgers. A series that was supposed to have been fun because of the confluence of these two powerhouse clubs was a little upset because some of the best baseball players came out like this:

What a shit about it Both clubs have two of the most popular jerseys in baseball, and neither of them will be able to present these classic looks this weekend. This was an opinion shared by Yankees manager Aaron Boone after Friday's game, according to Yahoo Sports.

"The one thing I would say – you know, Dodgers-Yankees, I think it would be cool that … that's not necessarily the best weekend for us," he said on Friday afternoon. "I think I have this matchup and have her in her uniform and us in ours. Still, I think that's another thing MLB is doing well over a long season.

But while Boone kept things pretty diplomatic, the Dodgers tried to be more proactive in what they thought about these outfits and asked MLB if they could get away with normal uniforms just once, according to Yahoo's Tim Brown.

To this end, the Dodgers asked the MLB for two sources permission to let both teams wear their traditional uniforms for at least one of the three games. They could have punched it for Sunday if the Yankees and Dodgers played the nationwide televised night game and the weekend was over anyway. They were denied.

It's no surprise that MLB stuck to its guns while maintaining a playful marketing ploy, and it's funny the face of a much better idea came at the expense of a decision to directly stare at them.

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