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The doomsday clock says it's almost the end of the world as we know it. (And that is not good.)

This is in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which presented on Thursday the annual doomsday clock.

A group of scholars and scholars, including 15 Nobel laureates, set the clock at 11:58. – two minutes before the symbolic apocalyptic midnight.

The minute hand has not moved since last year. But 11:58 am "The fact that the Doomsday Clock hands have not changed is bad news," said Robert Rosner, chairman of the Science and Security Board.

Why are we so close to destruction? Experts say nuclear weapons and climate change.

"In the nuclear field, the United States has abandoned the nuclear agreement in Iran and announced that it will withdraw from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Contract (INF) the global arms control process," said the Bulletin.
  Doomsday Clock is a full-time job. Really.

"The Iranian agreement is not perfect, but it serves the interest of the international community to restrict the spread of nuclear weapons."

As far as climate change is concerned, "the increase in global carbon dioxide emissions – which seemed to plateau earlier in the decade – rose again in 2017 and 2018," the bulletin said.

Climate change is the greatest risk to the economy (and the world)

"To stop the worst effects of climate change, countries in the world need to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions to well before the end of the year to zero century."

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Scientists derided President Donald Trump's announcement to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement (2015) Global Consensus on Managing Climate Change.

The Doomsday Clock has not always caused doom and distress since its introduction in the 1940s.

Already in 1991, it was set to 17 minutes before midnight.

But before the clock struck at 11:58 In 2018 and 2019, in 1953, when the US and Soviet Union were in an atomic arms race, the world of destruction was near.

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