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The dream owner Sen Kelly Loeffler doubles her BLM stance

As Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) Doubles her stance on the Black Lives Matter movement, the WNBA Players Association (WNBPA) meets with the league to discuss her future role as a co-owner of the Atlanta Dream.

For Loeffler, the answer is simple: she said she would not resign.

Senator Loeffler: Keep politics away from sport

Since Loeffler published a letter to WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert on Tuesday denouncing the league’s plans to dedicate its season to social justice, he has been running the media rounds to publicize her message before a controversial special election.

She spoke to local Georgia media on Wednesday saying she saw “politics come into sport” and said she was being canceled.

Loeffler’s comments:

“What I see is that politics comes into sport,” she said. “Nobody asked politicians to get into sports.” Sport is about uniting people. People from all walks of life from all political perspectives should be welcomed into the sport and canceled someone because they want to protect innocent life. because they fight for the unborn; because they support the second amendment; because I support the constitutional rights that God has given us? Why shouldn’t that fit with American sports culture? It should be a principle of sport to welcome all views. “

The WNBA, a league made up of 80 percent black women, announced on Monday that it would dedicate its season to social justice, a topic very dear to its players.

Loeffler, appointed by Governor Brian Kemp at the end of last year, questioned this. She wrote: “Supporting a specific political agenda undermines the potential of sport and sends a message of exclusion.” In the past few weeks, she has said black demonstrators in Atlanta have practiced “mob rule”, which has resulted in her being overthrown.

Loeffler: I won’t give up the team

Senator Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., Continues to use the Atlanta Dream to promote her political stance. (Senate television via AP)

The WNBA Players Association (WNBPA) has clearly said it wants Loeffler out this week. Individual players have also reported on social media to say they want to go, and two leaders of the social justice movement – mystic stars Natasha Cloud and Liberty star Layshia Clarendon – have explained in the media why they are believe she has to go.

Terri Jackson, executive director of the WNBPA, said the union plans to meet Engelbert to discuss next steps and address Loeffler’s role in the league, according to the New York Times.

“This is not a disagreement,” said Jackson. “What we have right now is a situation where sensible minds could agree that there is simply no room for divisive language.”

In an appearance with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, touching patriotism, defusing the police, the “nuclear family” and “breaking culture”, Loeffler said she would not resign. She also said the league should “unite around the American flag”.

Loeffler and Mary Brock bought the team in 2011. They are a rare all-female ownership group and have spoken about building a community for the past decade. In an interview with The Athletic a year ago, Loeffler referred to the individuality and passion of the players as reasons why she is excited about the league’s further development:

“And that’s really the potential of this game: letting people understand who these players are. I think it really captures people’s imagination, interest and loyalty when they really know the players. I think that’s the next potential in this league. It’s really about understanding these athletes and how enormously hard they work, how physically strong they are, but also what they do in the community and outside the arena. “

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