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The Einstein House in Bern is "relatively" easy to visit

BERN, SWITZERLAND : Time. Room. Heavy. Acceleration. Four simple words, but four complex concepts that were the driving force behind a person's perception of the universe. His name was Albert Einstein

Einstein House in Bern, Switzerland

When Einstein lived in Bern in Switzerland from 1903 to 1905 and worked as a junior doctor at the Swiss Patent Office, he developed his Theory of Relativity changed the perception of the cosmos for always. With his wife Mileva and son Hans Albert Einstein rented a small apartment on the second floor in the middle of the old town in the Swiss capital. Einstein's short stay in the Swiss capital was a perfect storm for the world-famous physicist.

   Einstein House, Bern, Switzerland, Albert Einstein,

Albert Einstein holds 1921 lectures in Vienna (Photo: F. Schmutzer – Public Domain)

Switzerland has always been known for precision watches and their watchmaking industry, so that It was not uncommon to make patent applications in terms of time go regularly over Einstein's desk. Some of these ideas helped to awaken his insatiable lifelong curiosity about the relationship of time and space to the universe.

   Einstein House, Bern, Switzerland, Albert Einstein,

Einstein's apartment in the Kfamgasse 49 in Bern (Courtesy: Bern.com)

Einstein's apartment

Ironically, the Einstein apartment is located in Kramgasse 49 only a few blocks from Bern's famous clock tower or Zytglogge. Today, the apartment is open to the public, but perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in Bern.

With its arcades, the old town of Bern has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. [19659012] Albert Einstein, his life and his time: Myth Trivia today

For this reason, visitors to the apartment, apart from the cars lining the street today, can look out the front window and take the same look at Bern Einstein himself has seen over a century ago.

   Einstein Haus, Bern, Switzerland, Albert Einstein,

The flat looks today as it did when Einstein lived in Bern (Courtesy: Bern.com)

Thanks to Bern Arkaden, they say, if you can strolling through the streets, you can walk in the rain through the old town and never get wet.

Einstein House: easy to miss

One reason why the Einstein House is so often missed by "tourists" is the modest way in which it is promoted.

If it were not for a small sign on an outside wall just outside the entrance, visitors could easily walk past it without ever knowing it's there.

For "travelers", instead of "tourists", the Einstein Haus is a must. It is small, seemingly too narrow and with understated furniture, but in combination with Bern's historic architecture, it is the overwhelming feeling that one of the world's greatest minds could go through the door at any moment.

   Einstein House, Bern, Switzerland, Albert Einstein,

The sign for the site is inconspicuous and small, but worth exploring
(Courtesy: Bern Tourism)

On the centenary of Einstein's residence in Bern was renovated in 2005 to welcome visitors with an illustration of the Milky Way.

The spiral staircase to the second floor is preserved in its original state, adding to the aura that Einstein and his family still live in their modest surroundings and at the same time as an unforgettable picture of how they walked up and down the stairs daily ,

   Einstein House, Bern, Switzerland, Albert Einstein,

The Zytglogge is a popular icon that symbolizes Einstein's curiosity about time and space (Courtesy: mySwitzerland.com)

Albert Einstein: His works and photographs in the Einstein Haus

A third-floor square features Einstein's biography, papers and photos of his life's work. There is also a 20-minute video that enhances the appeal of the environment.

Although Einstein was able to create complicated formulas to calculate his theories, he would see the world in so-called thought experiments.

Wikipedia explains a thought experiment

to look at a hypothesis, theory, or principle to think through its consequences. Given the structure of the experiment, it may not be possible to carry it out, and even if it could be done, there is no need to carry it out. "

Einstein devoted his entire life, making his complex calculations easier to understand with this simple idea:

" The common goal of a thought experiment is to explore the possible consequences of the principle in question. "

<img class = "wp-image-105400 size-full" src = "https://commdiginews-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/grand-hotel-hotel- schweiz.jpg "alt =" Einstein House, Bern, Switzerland, Albert Einstein, [19659036] The Grand Hotel Schweizerhof is an elegant residence in a convenient location to the train station (Courtesy Grand Hotel Schweizerhof)

Several decades after his departure Einstein emigrated from Bern to the United States in 1933. Adolf Hitler had come to power, and the Einstein must leave because of his Jewish background Albert Einstein never returned to his native Germany and lived instead in Princeton, New Jersey.

Visit to Bern , Switzerland

Located on the hill on a peninsula created by the meandering Aare, Bern is a popular destination for visitors, and since it is the Swiss capital, the already magnificent Swiss rail network provides even more access to the rest of the country mi t countless departures and arrivals per day.

The Swiss Travel System: The World's Best Transport Network

From the main station, take the tram to Kramgasse 49 in the direction of "Barebgraben".

It's also an easy walk to the clock tower and a few blocks below the right arcade. Berne is a compact city and a popular place for a leisurely stroll.

Directly opposite the main railway station lies the Hotel Schweizerhof, a 5-star hotel with a unique historical perspective.

Berne has much to offer visitors looking for something out of the ordinary and unique apart from the breathtaking alpine landscape of Switzerland. the Klee Museum, the Postal Museum, the Bear's Mine, the Alpine Museum, majestic government buildings, the Rose Garden, arcade streets, the onion market, the clock tower and much more.

But if you do not visit the Einstein House At Kramgasse 49 you have not seen the whole city, and unfortunately too many people pass by because they do not even know it's there.

Be a traveler, not a tourist, and you will be richly rewarded by the city of Bern and the legacy of Albert Einstein. It's just a matter of time, space and relativity.

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