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The European Investment Bank can not invest in Iran, says EIB chief

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Investment Bank would jeopardize its global activities by investing in Iran, the president said on Wednesday, the largest ever public rejection of an EU plan to rescue a nuclear deal with Tehran, which Washington has

Werner Hoyer said while supporting the EU's efforts to maintain the 2015 nuclear agreement, Iran is a place "where we can not play an active role"

The EIB, the European Union's lending body, fears this Cooperation with Iran would hamper its ability to raise money in the US markets and have far-reaching consequences for its business. Hoyer said the bank is in debt with 500 billion euros in debt

In an effort to channel the money to Teheran if the US The European Union has agreed to add to the list Countries with which the Luxembourg-based EIB, the Union's non-profit lender, conducts business

The decision, which comes into force at the beginning of August, commits the bank however, not doing business there [19659006] US President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iranian agreement with the world powers on 8 May and belaboured the sanctions in Iran, so that the European Union, China and Russia tried to sign the agreement to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon

of the EU strategy are: EIB loan, a special measure to foreclose EU companies against secondary sanctions in the US and a Vo the Commission's suggestion that EU governments make direct transfers of funds to the Iranian central bank to avoid US fines

"There is no European bank. www.germnews.de/archive/gn/1996/01/16.html He is currently doing business in and with Iran, "said Hoyer at a press conference at the European Commission.

"We must acknowledge that if we were active Iran, we would risk the Bank's business model."

The EIB is currently unwilling to engage in legal systems that are operated by the FATF, a global group government agencies to combat money laundering, are classified as high-risk companies. This includes Iran.

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(coverage by Robin Emmott and Alissa de Carbonnel, edited by Raissa Kasolowsky)

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