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The FAA calls on the public not to attach weapons, bombs or flamethrowers to drones

The Federal Aviation Administration wants you to know that drones and weapons are "a dangerous mix". The government agency has "warned" the public on Thursday that it is illegal to operate a drone to operate a dangerous weapon. "A dangerous weapon is generally defined as" any item that is or is capable of death or serious injury. "

" You may have seen online photos and videos of gun-mounted weapons, bombs, firecrackers, flamethrowers, and other dangerous items, "the FAA writes, pinning us to the wall. "Do not consider attaching such items to a drone, as operating a drone with such an item can cause significant harm to a person and your bank account."

The agency all points out in the notice that it's helpful to operate a drone A drone carrying a dangerous weapon is in violation of section 363 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 201

8, which carries fines of up to 25,000 US dollars for any violation may result – unless the FAA indicates that the drone operator receives a specific FAA FAA administrator approval to carry out the mission. "(By the way, if you're aware of any of these approved flights, do not hesitate to let me know.) Other state and federal laws that restrict the use of weapons could also apply to these dangerous drones, the FAA adds ,

People in the US have been firing weapons at their commercial drones since the technology was first launched several years ago, including a certain hobbyist from Conn ecticut, who sets the tone from the pistol to the flamethrower. In recent years there has also been a legal tug of war over unarmed drones. It's not often that the government invites with an official reference accompanied by Boomer meme graphics like the one shown above. (On the other hand, today is the 61st birthday of the FAA so that this part seems appropriate.) Safe flying, all together.

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