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The Falcon 9 landing leg comes loose and hits the deck of the BGR drone ship

  • An unofficial observer has noticed a rare mistake in preparing a SpaceX Falcon 9 for transport after being salvaged by a drone ship.
  • A landing leg freed itself from its constraints and crashed onto the deck of the drone ship when the used booster was being prepared for its return trip to SpaceX.
  • No one was injured in the incident, and the hardware appears to have survived the incident with no apparent damage.

So far, SpaceX has had a busy and successful year. The company has maintained a steady stream of launches despite the ongoing global health crisis and continues to expand its Starlink communications network with dozens of new satellites each month. Of course, things are not always 1

00% correct, and an eagle-eyed observer has managed to record a video of what appears to be a serious snafu with a SpaceX Falcon 9 at Cape Canaveral.

How Teslarati The incident reportedly happened with a new Falcon 9 booster that was being prepared for transport after a shiny new GPS III satellite was launched into the orbit by the U.S. military. While the ground teams were working to pull back the booster’s landing legs, one of them seemed to be releasing his compulsions and falling onto the ground.

The video clearly shows engineers working on the rocket and slowly bringing their landing legs into an upright position. Everything seems to go smoothly until the retracted leg is flush with the body of the booster. Perhaps not properly secured, the leg quickly falls off again, and the violent tremor of the leg and the surprise of the engineers crowding around the fallen leg indicate that something went wrong, obviously.

Workers have reportedly been able to secure the leg again, and given the rigorous testing that Falcon 9 hardware is undergoing, the rapid fall seems unlikely to seriously damage the landing leg. Still, it clearly shouldn’t happen, and it is incredibly happy that no one was standing around under the leg when it decided to return to its operational position.

The weather in Florida was not very cooperative with SpaceX’s plans on Tuesday, and the dockers were reportedly taking breaks and retreating from the bad weather between the struggles. Finally, they managed to get all of their legs in the right positions and put the booster horizontally for transportation.

In the end, the unexpected release (malfunction?) Of the landing leg did not injure anyone and it seems that the hardware, at least with the naked eye, has not been damaged. SpaceX is a company that regularly celebrates its own shortcomings, and while this may not even be an obstacle to an otherwise smooth road of rocket launches, renovations, and restarts, it is still interesting to see how a used rocket goes through for it Prepared to be transported back to SpaceX.

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