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The family speaks after a video that the Chester officer is beating a wife

CHESTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – "I only spoke to her briefly this afternoon," said a man who identified himself as the grandfather of Dominique Difiore.

He tells Action News that his 20-year-old granddaughter Monday night is still behind bars.

Chester police say she attacked a sergeant at the weekend after she and three others attempted to overthrow a house party near Widner University. All four were initially turned away from the celebrations when the police arrived to break up the melee.

"It's what it is, it's celebrated and that's all I'm going to say," Difiore said. "There is no reason for that."

Difiore says he has seen his daughter's now viral video beaten by that officer after she allegedly hit him first.

"There's no reason for that, it's unacceptable to use this kind of violence, come on, she's a kid!" he says.

Chester police say the St. Patrick's Day festivities have become an annual event on campus they are trying to monitor, and the weekend's incident is being investigated.

The department tells Action News that they've reviewed more footage detailing what has led to the now viral incident, and is still looking for more.

Among other things, Difiore faces serious attacks, and the other three, Shawn Connelly, Tess Herman and Jaylene Westfall, are also attacked.

We talked to her lawyer, but heard nothing.

According to top knives, further arrests may be pending.

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