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The FBI wants to interview the whistleblower

The FBI has asked to interview the CIA Whistleblower, whose complaint triggered the impeachment investigation in Ukraine.

The whistleblower has not yet agreed to an interview, the source said. [19659003] Let our messages meet your inbox. The news and stories that mattered were delivered in the morning of the working day.

A law enforcement agency said the FBI is not investigating the whistleblower – the office wants to speak to him.

The FBI's request was first reported by Yahoo News that some FBI officials were worried that the Department of Justice refused to investigate the whistleblower's complaint after a criminal transfer had been sent by the intelligence inspector general.

FBI and Ministry of Justice spokesmen did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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Ministry of Justice officials said they had investigated the criminal referral on the basis of the whistleblower's complaint and ruled that this should be the case, not an investigation. They said that they only investigated the question of whether there had been a crime in the context of campaign finance, and they never explained why they did not consider issues of bribery, blackmail or other possible crimes.

The whistleblower was not involved on July 25 in calling for President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president, and is not considered a first-hand witness to one of the key moments in the Ukraine saga. The whistleblower gathered the concerns voiced by other colleagues in the National Security Council and forwarded them in a written complaint to the Inspector General of Intelligence.

Since the whistleblower is not a first-hand witness, Congressional Democrats have decided they do not need the person's testimony and the current hearings on impeachment. Republicans, on the other hand, demand that the whistleblower be turned on to testify to what critics see as an attempt to reveal the person's identity.

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