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The fear of ICE raids is causing some US citizens to carry their passports

With immigration attacks expected to begin on Sunday in at least nine major cities, some US citizens are taking precautionary measures, including taking their American passports with them, to prevent them from being arrested by immigration and customs officials.

Americans, often Latinos, said they did not want to get carried away at the scheduled gatherings announced by President Donald Trump.

"I was born in this country," said David Cruz, communications director of the League of United Latin American Citizens. "I am a Texan in the third generation, I have a passport with me since his election."

Passports used by international travelers for return to the United States are a legal proof of citizenship.

A Los Angeles-based Latin American journalist who did not want to use his name because he feared his passport would be flipped, said he had begun to carry the document this weekend. He was naturalized in the 2000s and said recent stories of citizens mistakenly arrested by the ICE have led him to believe that he could be falsely targeted and denied American rights, including the due process of doing so Access to a lawyer and leaving their homes without proof of citizenship.

"I've told my friends, hey, here's my passport, and I'm wearing it for the first time because I'm not wearing it." I want someone to stop me from saying, "Prove that you're just a citizen, or we'll throw you in a cage," he said. "I'm literally worried about my pets and paying my rent."

Linda Gamboa, a Los Angeles based Chicano artist The United States said she had started carrying her passport around the time Trump was elected.

"I have just told a friend how I wore mine three years ago" when Trump began to improve his rhetoric on immigration enforcement.

Guadalupe Acuña, Los Angeles, said her husband encouraged Chicano study professor Rodolfo Acuña to extend their passport as Trump's immigration authorities escalated.

"Morally, nobody should do that Carry these papers, but that's where we're going," she said.

Thomas A. Saenz, president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Protection and Education Fund, said he was not surprised that some Americans search their passports in their own passports country.

"I do not think any of us would like to live in a country where people feel they have their passports with them because of their race," he said. "The success story of ICE and Immigration Enforcement is not good, I can understand why someone would do that."

Even non-Hispanic Americans are reaching for their passports this weekend.

Tori Griffin, African-American and a community leader in Atlanta said he recently put his passport in his backpack if ICE agents ask him for proof of citizenship.

Atlanta is one of the cities scheduled to hit ICE destinations on Sunday.

"I consider myself as American as apple pie," he said. "But in this environment, in this Trump world, if you are not white, you are considered different, it has become so polarizing."

Clarissa Martinez, Deputy Vice President of the Latino Lobbying UnidosUS, said in an email that "enforcement of immigration rules is too often used as a pretext to harass this community as a whole, as we learned from the survey reports

"It's tragic because of the color of their skin People feel they have a passport with them," she said.

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