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The Fed has made a "big mistake" in raising interest rates and is "disturbing"

President Donald Trump criticized the Federal Reserve on Monday for raising interest rates too fast and giving the Chinese the upper hand in trade negotiations.

And we do not have that advantage because we have a Fed that does not cut interest rates, "Trump told CNBC's Joe Kernen about" Squawk Box. "" We should have the right to create a level playing field, as well without a level playing field – because our Fed is very, very disturbing – even without a fair competitive environment we win. "

" Remember, the head of the Fed in China is President Xi … he can do what he wants "Trump said."

The president has often beaten Fed chairman Jerome Powell and other central bankers over their plan to raise interest rates, which has made borrowing more expensive for banks and other companies and last year stated that he was "not even a bit happy" with Powell and that the Fed has "gotten out of hand" in terms of its monetary policy.

Still in December disk Trump attempted to fire Powell over wide-spread stock market losses in the last three months of 201

8, refraining from weighing the direction of central bank monetary policy. When Trump broke with his more reserved predecessors, he blamed the Fed and its leader for the volatility in the stock markets and the undermining of trade intentions with Beijing.

t – they are not my people. But they certainly did not listen to me because they made a big mistake: they raised interest rates way too fast, "added Trump on Monday." That's # 1. "

That's ridiculous China just the opposite, they pump money in. So I win, but I do not win on one level, "he said.

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