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The FIA ​​confirms an even stricter burning of oil burning in 2020

Since the turbocharged hybrid engines were introduced with a tight fuel limit, some manufacturers have tried to increase energy by burning oil instead of gasoline.

The FIA ​​quickly became aware of what the engine manufacturers were aiming for and took several steps over the years to restrict activity.

Currently, teams must strictly limit oil consumption by 0.6 liters per 100 km, while in 2019 further rules have been introduced to prevent teams from burning qualifying oil

In particular, teams can not oil during qualifying Add more or transfer from an auxiliary oil tank to any part of the lubrication system.

But with the FIA, which still feels the limits are pushing too far, it's half as much oil that can be burned ̵

1; the allowable fuel consumption is reduced to 0.3 liters per 100 km , The teams were informed about this change during the winter.

Nicolas Tombazis, head of the FIA ​​single-seat affairs, explains that the Government Council clearly states that any use of oil burns to increase performance is unacceptable.

"The question of oil is simple," he told Motorsport.com. "The regulation states that the only fuel that can be burned is gasoline, so the oil just has to be a lubricant."

"We know there is oil consumption, but in some cases this could contribute to performance which is not the case right.

"We intervened and reduced fuel consumption to 0.6 kg per 100 km, but we want to continue decreasing in anticipation of next year."

"When it comes to such low fuel consumption, it becomes clear that this will be the case You do not have to have an extra tank in qualifying. So this is the novelty of the year 2019. "

The teams were informed that the FIA ​​shut off oil consumption at a given distance as a multiple of a lap – to ensure that they do not burn at certain stages of the event [1965-9012]
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