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The fight against shutdown highlights the missing feature that has hindered Trump's agenda

P Resump Trump's strategy of forcing a government wall to force the financing of a border wall suffered another blow on Thursday when a Democratic law to reopen the government received more votes in the Republican-controlled Senate than in its own compromise law including wall financing.

Right now, there is more evidence that Trump's support is breaking when there is disagreement among the Democrats, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, shows no sign of withdrawal. The chances of Trump getting his border wall are dwindling day by day.

Watching how badly Trump played his hand on the border wall and retreating to the beginning of his presidency, when his party controlled both branches of Congress and he got away with an electoral victory, he really points to a missing ingredient that the most serious was Trump's agenda. It depends on the staff. Trump's administration has included people who want to fight for their agenda and have little or no experience of doing things in government. There are also people who have experience with the government but are not loyal to their agenda. There are very few people who have both characteristics. And many who have none.

This is one of the most common complaints that I have heard from people who are sympathetic to Trump, but who were frustrated on a number of issues, whether immigration, health care or foreign affairs. Just look at Pelosi and how she exercises her power in the border wall fight. Even with something that is ultimately unimportant, like the state of the Union. She knew that she had the power to block a joint session of Congress, thus preventing him from delivering a high-profile speech in the Chamber, claiming that power, holding on and Trump resigned. It only reinforced a feeling that the Democrats know they use power to fight for their agenda, but Republicans never. Trump was supposed to change things, but he could not because he lacked the right people.

Consultants such as Stephen Miller or Steve Bannon in the past support the Trump agenda by and large. But none of them had the capacity to either build consensus on Capitol Hill or exercise power in ways that could influence Congressional politics. Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and former Chief of Staff John Kelly came to their jobs with a reputation for expertise, but were clearly not full of Trumpism on board and spent a lot of time restraining them.

You do not have to be a conspiracy theorist about the "deep state" to acknowledge that many government officials hate Trump and want to thwart his agenda. Even many employees have turned to their jobs as if their goal is to lead them instead of going to war for their policies ̵

1; a sentiment put forward by the anonymous New York Times.

There are other numbers that we saw and were the worst of the two worlds. Reince Priebus had been an effective RNC chairman, but he was not well suited to be chief of staff, and he had not really shared Trump's vision for the country. Though former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was an impressive CEO, he was completely overwhelmed in Foggy Bottom and tried to undermine Trump's foreign policy, especially with regard to Iran.

Trump's greatest achievements have been in areas where people worked together who a) shared their goals and b) knew how to implement them. A perfect example is judicial candidates who consulted with former White House lawyer Don McGahn with outside groups such as the Federalist Society to help Trump live up to his promise to appoint conservative judges. The Trump team was in close agreement with the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. Ab, who understood what was needed to get many of them confirmed.

Success has also been achieved in some areas of regulatory policy.

But Trump seriously lacks people who truly believe in his cause and know enough to make a difference in Washington. The reality is that in 2017, Republicans had the power to build a wall, if anyone knew about immigration policies and legislative tactics, so that Trump could use that power. This has always been a great challenge as an outsider against the party's party, with many experienced hands in the party who refused to join the government.

So he is in the current situation – a protracted standstill, where he lacks the leverage. On the one hand, the people who want him to give in and offer the Democrats more fig leaves, and on the other, the people who like to pursue the struggle without strategy to win. This is the story of Trump's presidency.

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