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The fight breaks out at the Pusha T concert in Toronto, rapper blames Drake

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A Pusha-T concert in Toronto came to an abrupt end on Tuesday evening after some concertgoers threw fluids at the rapper and stormed the stage, resulting in a fierce brawl that shut the game down , According to reports, a man was stabbed after the fight and some news reports said he was now in critical condition.

Danforth Music Hall video footage immediately after the social media event circulated continental US and (obviously) parts of Canada.

The disturbance started shortly after 1

0:00 pm and some spectators sprayed the stage with fluid. According to WTHR, during the performance of Pusha T, a mixture of water, beer and color was thrown onto the stage. The attack appeared coordinated, with a concertgoer who said Pusha "sang a song and right at the bar, where something says it's wet / soaked … about 10 [men] threw water at it." [19659003]

And you thought it would be messy to throw a shoe at Fashion Week.

Things only escalated from there, a handful of people stormed the stage, toppled over the barricades and clashed with security forces and members of the Pusha T crew. The rapper – who is also president of G.O.O.D. from Kanye West. Music label – was not involved in the fight, was probably torn from the stage, as things get out of control.

Pusha, however, came back on stage and liked it When he was talking in the group, he blamed the hero of the hometown of Drake for the disruption.

According to Vulture, Pusha squeezed some of his diss-track "Infrared" before accusing Drake of paying people for the concert. and throw beer. "

The police closed the concert shortly thereafter. But unfortunately, when the concert is over, things have really taken a left turn. As City News Toronto reports, more fighting broke out. There are conflicting reports of how many people were seriously injured. The City News cites the police and writes that a person has been stabbed and in critical condition. Another local business, The Hamilton Spectator, reports that three people were hospitalized for non-life-threatening injuries.

Although everyone assumes that Drake is somehow behind the attack, it is important that there is no actual evidence that. And if this episode is rooted in some hurt feelings over some bars – I hope we all realize how horrible, shitty and stupid that is. How fragile must a group of adult men be to begin this stage of drama?

It is not yet known when one of the men involved will come out of their feelings.

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