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The first Android Go phone in the US is now available for $ 80

ZTE is the first company to launch a smartphone with Android Go in the US. Discovered by Android Police ZTE's Tempo Go is now available online for $ 79.99.

The phone is not much to look at. It has a 5-inch screen with a low resolution of 480 x 854, large aperture, only 1GB of RAM and a tiny 8GB of memory. But that's all to expect: Android Go is designed for phones with this limited hardware. It takes up less space and runs better than the normal Android phones with low RAM. That does not necessarily mean it will run great but it should improve the experience you get from buying such a cheap phone.

ZTE was one of the first six companies to announce phones to Android Go last month. While most of them are not destined for the US and travel to India and parts of Africa, where the average selling price of smartphones is much lower, some companies are still testing the waters in the US. ZTE may be the first, but Alcatel also announced plans to release its first Android Go phone, the Alcatel 1

X, soon under $ 100.

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