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The first wave of Raiders overnight stays

There are several teams that have done much better this season (Browns, 49ers, Raiders, Titans, Jets) and others who have deteriorated significantly (Chiefs, Giants, Dolphins). Free agencies are not made, dozens of players still have to sign and millions of dollars still have to be spent.

The Raiders will certainly pick up a few more players to complete their squad before the draft, but let's review each of their offseason moves so far. The team's first big offseason move was to hire Mike Mayock to replace Reggie McKenzie, and so far it looks like he's worth gold. Hopefully, this assessment will persist even after this upcoming draft.


) Trade with Antonio Brown

This was the first big move the Raiders made, shocking the entire NFL and the Steelers and Raiders fan bases. Oakland fans wondered how lucky they were, while Steeler fans were appalled at how little compensation they had received for the best WR in football. The only drawback to this deal is that the Raiders had to pay large sums to a 30-year-old recipient in a new contract, but he is in fantastic shape with a good work ethic. The deal is short term and only takes three years. So if it does not work, the team will not be paralyzed in the long term. You will see a pattern in this regard.

The bottom line is to get Brown for a third and fifth round, was highway robbery, and the contract is fair and fair and not an albatross.

Class: A +

2) Signing Trent Brown on a $ 66 Million Four-Year Contract

The Raiders began the free agency period ahead of everyone else, agreeing with Brown's massive two-man attack nine minutes after the beginning of the open manipulation phase. Brown was last seen as a Super Bowl champion, and for much of the season, Tom Brady has weathered the entire AFC playoff round without a single sack. Brown took on some of the AFC's best pass rushers and made them completely ineffective.

Mayock and Gruden had clearly targeted Brown and had called his agent with an offer that Brown could not refuse. My only concern is the prospect of giving such an unproven player the biggest offensive contract in history, but it's also not very often that you have a player so young and this good with so much upside to the offensive game is available , These positions are usually tied to extensions early on. Brown's contract runs for four years, but if the Raiders cut Brown after the 2020 season, there's no money.

Note: B +

3) Signing Lamarcus Joyner on a four-year $ 42 million (19659013) contract in Oakland has rolled with Reggie Nelson at one of the security spots in recent years, and that just will not work continue. Joyner comes from the Rams after five solid years in St. Louis and Los Angeles. He was an all-rounder in Florida State and played both Slot and Safety at the Rams. He is a sure tackler who missed just five tackles last season. He is a ballhawking, rangy security who is good against the hurry.

Joyner's problem is his size, since he's only 5 & # 8; 8. "He's good at reporting, but as Raiders security, he's being asked to handle some very large and talented bottlenecks he might be eight inches shorter for, which presents some challenges, especially considering his companions No one is going to question Joyner's talent, just his stature – this step is interesting considering that all the available collateral is bigger than Joyner, so maybe the Raiders want Joyner to be the slot In this case, it fits in well, just do not hold it to Travis Kelce and expect good results.

Joyner's deal contains zero dead money after the 2019 season.

Grade: B-

4) Signing Tyrell Williams' Four-Year $ 44.3 M Contract

Outside of New York Giants, the signing Golden Tate, Williams was probably the best available wideout in this k free agency period. The Raiders had absolutely nothing at this position towards the end of 2018 and now they are stacked with two good outdoor receivers.

Williams is 6'3 "tall and carries a 4.4" jump of nearly 40 "so he has all the measurable and athletic ability you desire. The Raiders have not had such a big goal since Andre Holmes and Williams dominates his size to win jump balls. Where Williams is absent is in the distance race, as he is not crisp and does not use his body to protect defenders well enough from the ball. He must continue to improve his running blocking. I would have preferred the Raiders to go to Tate, but Williams offers a size element that the smaller Tate does not have.

Like Joyner's contract, Williams does not lose any dead money after the 2019 season.

Grade: C +

5) Signing JJ Nelson for $ 1M One Year Contract

Nelson is one of the league's fastest wide receivers and the third member of the new Raider WR -Triumvirats so collectively fast that Al Davis personally came to Mike Mayock in a dream to order him to sign them. Nelson's problem in his career was the dropies, as his hands are not very reliable. He is a perfect third receiver and will certainly be wide open when the teams play Brown and Williams. Brown's suggested drinking pot may motivate for drops as he plays with a better quarterback than ever before.

This contract has only a slight drawback, since it only applies to $ 1 million for that season, but neither

Grade: C

6) Signed by DE Josh Mauro [19659004] to a One-Year Contract of $ 1.4 Million

At this point, Mauro is the only defensive end on the Raiders Roster, and almost nobody knows who he is. Certainly the Raiders had planned to sign a pass rusher in free agency, but all the good ones were hit with the franchise day, and then Antonio Brown took off a good portion of the cap. Mauro is what we get.

Mauro spent four years in Stanford and started eleven games with a total of eleven sacks, so he has some skills. At the NFL level, he was never a beginner. He seems to be the type of guy who can be part of a DE rotation and has no liability. That's something the Raiders need, but he's probably not a starter on this team, as long as the Raiders have some cool guys in the draft. He certainly is not what anyone thought when they thought Oakland would end defensively.

Mauro's contract is only for this year and for peanuts, but hopefully he plays well enough to be returned.

Grade: C [19659035] So far the additions are going so far, though the Raiders have made some cuts, including Donald Penn, Jordy Nelson and AJ McCarron. They also exchanged Kelechi Osemele for the jets. All were expected to release space on the cap, leaving the Raiders with around $ 25 million left to play. There is much more.

Overall Rating: B


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