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"The Five" speak Sen. Elizabeth Warren's worthy interview

"The Five" co-moderators clenched their teeth and ducked on Friday afternoon when they saw the Democratic candidate for 2020, Elizabeth Warren, on the radio show "The Breakfast Club" her alleged descent from the American Indigenous people addressed.

A bit like the original Rachel Dolezal, "said Charlamagne, the god, on Friday morning during the interview to Sen. Warren, D-Mass. "Rachel Dolezal, a white woman pretending to be black."

"I learned that from my family," Warren replied. AMERICAN ROOTS

"That was awkward," co-host Jesse Watters said after playing a clip of the interview and rubbing his eyes.

"Painful," co-host Martha MacCallum said before reading an additional transcript from The Interview.

Warren has been criticized for her claim that she is a native American, and has been accused of using it for her academic career. The president mockingly calls her "Pocahontas."

The interview skills of Charlamagne, co-host of the "Breakfast Club", were praised by the co-hosts, and Warren's performance was well known.

"It's like a laser beam," said co-host Greg Gutfeld. "He listened to their game, their condescending game in all these redistributive strategies, and he waited and waited, and then he gradually threw back the questions of common sense, which made it painful because it was on the plane and so persistent . "

MacCallum, presenter of" The Story of Martha MacCallum, "compared Warren and President Trump, saying that the advocates consider him authentic, though he is criticized for not being honest. Warren's interview did not come across in the same way.


"This kind of stuff just tastes like a totally unpleasant feeling when you feel it's part of a protected class" MacCallum said.

Co-host Juan Williams commented that the interview did not go down well with Warren, but would have little impact on her support.

"For Politics I do not think anyone who will vote for Elizabeth Warren says … I will not vote for Elizabeth Warren now," Williams said.

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